Sunday, April 10, 2011

County Fair!

Last night we went to our local County Fair to hang out with friends, ride the rides, and to see how our paintings and dresses that my sisters and I sewed placed. For the paintings, I placed 3rd (which is not at all bad because that was my first time ever doing a "real" painting) and for my dress that I sewed I placed 1st. I was very proud of myself. My sisters did very well also so it was a great fair for us.

Also the rides were pretty fun. The only thing I do not like about fairs is most of the rides at them are the kind that just spin. After a while, you get sick. I have never thrown up on a ride (and I never will if I can help it!) but I did get really queasy a couple of times. I think the favorite ride of everyone in our group who went was the Typhoon.


  1. Hay its me vincent i am scard of big rids lol

  2. lol! I am never afraid of rides, I absolutely love them! The bigger, the better.... ;)

  3. I agree with you JC, i LOVE rides! their awesome! haha, where'd you go for this fair? if it was Williston, i was across the street at the WHA speed show

  4. Yeah that's where we were and oh my gosh i missed u!!!!!! :'(


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