Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Christmas is definitely my fave time of year :) But if I could take one thing out of it would be the hussle and bussle. I don't really enjoy crowds, tight spaces, and the pushing and shoving in stores.
I hope all of y'all had as good of a Christmas as I did :) and I hoped in the mist of the good times you remember the reason for the season- the little baby who was born in a manger to save all of us :)
Volunteering at the local "Walk to Bethlehem" helped me give back this year. That along with singing at 2 local nursing homes with our homeschool group. I absolutely loved being in the Walk to Bethlehem! We volunteered for 4 nights straight and I played Mary for 2 nights, then acted in the village shops for 2 nights. I was definitely blessed by this experience and I hope you guys can come out and help this year :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My bff

My bff is out of the hospital and doing well. She still hurts but is better than before. :)
Well, that's all for now so........

Btw, I am thinking about deleteing this blog because I can't seem to get anybody on it, grrrr

Monday, December 13, 2010


I so want to talk to my bff but I can't seem to get to her. Her cell phone dead and I tried her mom's cell but I just got the answering machine.
My bff went in the hospital on Friday for surgery on her sternum. It was deformed on the bottom and there was some weird cartilage on her ribs so they had to go in and fix it. The surgery went well but she is in A LOT of pain right now. I have been praying like crazy for her and I hope to talk to her soon. Oh my gosh the tension is driving me insane. Please pray for me also that I don't start going bonkers and have to go to the crazy house! hahaha I am kidding but I seriously do feel like pulling my hair out. Until I hear her voice, I am going to be like this. She should be out of the hospital tomorrow I think so hopefully I can call her then. She is going to be on bed-rest for a month. I feel so bad for her. :(

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Last night I was up until 12:30am playing Just Dance on a friends wii. She was having a bday slumber party so everybody was just dancing randomly, even if they didn't have a wii remote. It was so much fun and I was doing really good surprising. I had never even played Just Dance before!
We just got back from flying in airplanes for Science Club! It was such an amazing experience! When we first got there, we sat and listened to one of the pilots teach us about planes, then we went up in groups of 2, not including the pilot. We flew for probably about 5 or 6 minutes. I saw people playing baseball on a baseball diamond, people canoeing in a creek, and even a horse track. Too bad there were no horses racing on it at the time :( It was just so cool.

I just HAD to put this here before I forgot. If you don't know me and my bff, we are crazy a lot of the time so this is a conversation we have been having for the past couple days on her Yahoo Updates page. She is Tacos.R.Smarticaltastic, I am Toughie, and another friend of mine is Candy-Corn

She put this as her post and it started it-

Tacos.R.Smarticaltastic My math book needs a psychiatrist to solve its problems....not me....

Toughie: hahahahahahahahaha!!!! i totally agree!

Candy-Corn!: meeeeeeeeeeee 2

Toughie: hi candy corn, u better watch it because candy corn is my fave candy ever, hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe *drools*

Tacos.R.Smarticaltastic: ooooooooooooooooooooh Toughie is getting that look in her eye!

Toughie: 0_0 my eyes are as big as saucers and my mouth is watering........my stomach is now growling and i am about to go in for the kill.............hahahahahahaha!

Tacos.R.Smarticaltastic: RUN CANDY-CORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Toughie: *chases the giant candy corn girl*

Tacos.R.Smarticaltastic: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Toughie: *stops in her tracks, see taco girl and tries to decide which is more yummy, tacos or candy corn*

Tacos.R.Smarticaltastic: Sorry Candy-Corn but if Toughie starts chasing us I'm tripping u......

Toughie: hahahahahaha! *considers which is yummy-ier and decides to go for the taco and then have the candy corn for dessert*

Tacos.R.Smarticaltastic: Nooooooooo! Don't you know you're supposed to eat dessert first!!!!

Toughie: no that's only u, tacos! I am a good little viking girl (lol!) so I am going to eat my taco girl first *starts drooling and wonders where the sour cream is*

Tacos.R.Smarticaltastic: Nooooooooooo! please don't eat me! I'm ur best friend!

Toughie: I have no bff's when I am about to eat a taco *i am in taco mode right now, please talk 2 me after i have returned to my senses, thank u*

Tacos.R.Smarticaltastic: i can't talk to you when u return to ur senses! I would be in ur stomach!

Toughie: lol ikr!!!!

Toughie yummy yummy taco person!

Tacos.R.Smarticaltastic: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toughie: *almost reaches taco girl's leg, dives for it*

Aren't we idiots????? hahahaha! That's were we stopped for right now but I will add anything more when she posts...... :D

Chao mi amigas,
Toughie :D

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

4-H Halloween Party

Last night was the 4-H Halloween party. I entered the pumpkin contest with my Cinderella's Carriage pumpkin. I placed 1st with my pumpkin but the best thing about it was my guy-friends reaction to my girly pumpkin. It was so hilarious. The were all shocked that I would make something like that. I guess they have never seen my girly side ;)
I think my guy-friends made a bet between themselves behind my back last night because almost all of them were trying to scare me. I hate to admit it but half the time, it worked. One of them kept shoving things like fake bugs into my face and I hate it when people do that so he always spooked me when he did that. Another one would sneak up behind me and shake me, urgh he scared me badly a couple times doing that. I think half the reason they could scare me was because it was dark out so it was already freaky. The next big thing was the two of them found a frog so as soon as I saw them with it, I took off. I kew what was coming next. They chased me around with the frog and ended up throwing it onto me. I screamed but it was only because they had scared me to death. Thank goodness I saw the frog hit the ground so I knew it was not on me anymore.
What was sweet was my one guy-friend who was not scaring me felt so sorry for me. He kept asking me if I was okay. The rest of the night he was kind of like my shield because I didn't want the one guy who threw the frog on me to sneak up on me again so he heled me keep an eye on that guy.
I am fine now but I know I don't like frogs anymore. ;) Just kidding, I love animals but I don't like it when somebody throws one at me. I know if he had threw a snake on me I would of been crying afterwards. I hate snakes. >:(

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's up with moi

A lot of stuff is new with me, yesterday a group of my homeschool friends and I went to the police station here and got to see and ask all kinds of questions. It was pretty cool. After we went and hit Hardee's (yummy yummy!) . My younger sister was sick (fever, throat hurting) so we left Hardee's, had to cancel her dentist appointment that day, and went to our grandpa's house and hung out. We hung out until it was time to go to soccer, S and I were the only ones who went to soccer because the twin didn't want to go without the sick twin. We ran A LOT during practice. I felt like I was going to fall over and pass out. After a bunch of running drills and passing drills, the coach let us scrimmage! The funnest part of the night was this one guy would talked to me. He was one of the guys that in the beginning of the season, he wasn't wearing a shirt to practice, later the coach had to MAKE them wear shirts. I was playing defender and he was the goalie so he turned to me and said, It's so hot, I want to take my shirt off but your mom will get onto me (they think its my mom who tattled, i don't really care who said something but thank goodness they did). I replied, My mom isn't even here, my dad brought S and me. He started to pick up his shirt, then he stopped and said, Wait a minute, is your dad the tall, buff dude? I nodded and replied, Yeah. Then he looked scared and said, I think I'm going to keep my shirt on! hahahahahha! I am serious! He did look scared! It was too funny.

Last night at practice I did an awesome header. The goalie on the other team had the ball so he kicked it way up in the air and I saw it coming right down at me. I yelled, I got it, and when the ball came down, I headed it and it went back up in the air, into an open space near the goal, my teammate took it and almost scored a goal! It was pretty awesome and everyone was amazed I had gotten it. Yesterday was a pretty awesome day :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Photos from Photo clinic

Yesterday was awesome, the homeschool meeting was fun and soccer practice was a blast!

Today we had a photo clinic where we went out and took photos in the woods and creek with a ranger. We were able to use the State's cameras so each of us had our own camera. It was a alot of fun and I took a couple good photos.
Here are a few of the photos I took-

I loved these flowers out on the trip

Purty butterfly :P

Stump in the weeds and flowers

Crab in the weeds

Chao mi amigas,
Jesuschick13 aka Toughie (My bff nicknamed me this because I am a "tough cookie" combine the two words and whaa laa! You get Toughie! hahaha!)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010



I know, I know, I didn't get to get online to post about my game Saturday. Well, here is how my weekend went-


Soccer game was a slaughter. We won like 10-0. I felt so bad for the other team. They didn't even have enough players to play so they had to pull some players from other teams. The team's players weren't any bigger than me, only 3 people were taller. It was a sad game. But on the bright side, the Gators won their football game! YEA!!! I am hoping a Championship is close..... ;) Alabama Crimson Tide is next so they better watch out...... :P

We also went on a field trip. We went to a place that does helicopters for the police. We were allowed to hop in the helicopter and flip buttons and such. That is a really cool field trip.


Sunday we relaxed and hung out, always fun.


Monday was just like Sunday, we relaxed and did school.


This was a sad day because it was our last trip to the springs. :'( We played volleyball and I brought a soccer ball so we had a little game. It was a blast but what was so funny was the two boys that I was playing (i have known one of them for forever, but the other is a really good friend). Let me set the picture for you. I am coming up the left side of the goal, they are on the middle and while I am dribbling the ball up, I hear them saying, "u take her" "no, YOU take her". I was laughing so hard that I missed the goal but it was so funny! And these boys are bigger than me! The one that I have known forever is 11 but he is tall and skinny and the other is 15 and he is tall and muscular. Then later on in the game I heard the 15 year old say "we are never going to win with (my name here) on the other side!" I guess he said that because when I set my mind on getting someone, I don't stop. The older one had the ball and I slammed into him, not hard enough that he fell over but hard enough that I could get the ball. Who ever said soccer is not a contact sport is crazy, u won't last a minute in the game if u don't man up enough to knock someone or get kicked. U just have to learn to play with the injury.

Later that day I had soccer practice which was fun like always. We even got to scrimmage at the end which is awesome but this time I got a little more bruised up than I normally do.

Well, that's all for now so until next time, Chao!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where have I gone???

You may be asking yourself- Omigosh! Where is she? Well one, I'm right here, where I have always been and two, school is what I have been doing. I now have 3 online classes (english, spanish 2, and math and mom signed me up for american history so I might be getting that also), not including Science Club once a week, and also not including regular science, literary analisis which mom is doing with us, Bible, and some history here and there. I am pretty busy and soccer hasn't even started yet!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Alright, there is this new song called Fight Another Day by Addison Road and its my new fave Christian song! I have it in my playlist so be sure to check it out! I have posted the lyrics on here for y'all to enjoy but, BE SURE that you listen to this song because it is such a good one! YOU BETTER LISTEN TO THIS SONG! lol! ;)

Your broken dreams,
Your crazy schemes,
They always let you down.
The things we chase,
A hopeless race,
You're breathless, off the ground.
From soaring highs to crash-and-dies,
A peace yet to be found.
But you could spend a lifetime running.
You could spend a lifetime running.


And do you feel the fire when the flame gets hot?
Are you living every day like it's the last you got?
Will you step aside when it all falls down,
And watch it burn away?
Have a little faith when the walls cave in,
Pray for strength to fly against the wind.
Will you walk away when the fire gets hot,
Or fight another...Another day, yeah.
Another day, yeah.

Your fractured heart,
Your disregard,
It leaves you frozen still.
A slow withdrawal
From it all
That keeps you unfulfilled.
*will* you spend a lifetime running?
'Cause you could spend a lifetime running!


And do you feel the fire when the flame gets hot?
Are you living every day like it's the last you got?
Will you step aside when it all falls down,
And watch it burn away?
Have a little faith when the walls cave in,
Pray for strength to fly against the wind.
Will you walk away when the fire gets hot,
Or fight another...Another day, yeah.
Another day, yeah.

Even when your heart's been broken,
He'll be there with arms wide open.
Be strong and his love will lead you to fight another day!

Keep your head to the sun cause its shining

Monday, August 30, 2010


I FINALLY have a spanish 2 teacher so I am now working on my course! Yipee!!!!! I don't have an english teacher yet but I should soon. My mom also just signed me up for a History class so that adds up to 3 online classes, 3 different teachers (not including my mom, lol!), and that is not including all the rest of my other subjects like math and science club on fridays. I am going to be completely busy so if I am not posting that often, you will know why. ;)
Also, our kitten is doing perfectly fine, she is healing very well and should be able to go over to our grandpa's house soon.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weirdest thing......

Yesterday the weirdest thing happened to me while we were taking the cat to the vet. I was standing there and all of the sudden my muscles went numb (I could still keep myself up but I couldn't feel), my eyesight went blurry, my hearing was really bad (like i was underwater), and my face was as pale as a ghost. We saw a nurse friend of ours while we were out and she said I must of been dehydrated. That is possible because all I had for breakfast was two pieces of toast, nothing else(This happened at 10am and I ate breakfast at 6am, we had to get up early to take the kitten in). It was still pretty scary because I had never been like that before.

I was having a lot of fun at the vet's office too, the lady had just gotten done showing us the office and where the cats and dogs get their surgeries done. (We went to one of those places where all they do is spay/neuter cats and dogs.) It was really interesting and I loved the entire thing. The best part was that the lady said that when they get a little more situated, our homeschool group can come there for a field trip! I am so excited because when we do go, she will let us watch the vets do the surgeries. I know most people are going "ewwwwwww!" right now but I am really interested in this kind of stuff. I am actually looking into careers with animals. I believe that is my gift, that I have a heart for animals and animals are just something I enjoy learning about. I don't know, I guess when you find something you love to do, that is what you are meant to do.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I wanted to post this in my blog somewhere and I think I should do it now. As you should know by now I am a proud Christian girl. I am growing up in a Christian home, going to a baptist church that I ADORE and I have many Christian friends that support me with my walk with Christ. I am also one of those girls who wear a ring on their wedding finger. Its called a purity ring. I am still in the process of getting an actual purity ring but I think I like mine right now. A purity ring is where you make a commitment to God saying that you will stay pure until marriage. Unlike what Hollywood thinks, all of their movies are not pure. You have to really be careful about what you watch because do to dopamine, norepinephrine, oxytocin and serotonin, chemicals in your brain, you will not be able to forget these images or words. Books that talk about impure things are bad too. Us Christians, really have to watch ourselves in today's world because Hollywood and Satan have made it really hard for us to stay pure. I encourage all of you to really think about your life and if you need to change. You can post a comment on this post about your walk with God if you like and if you need prayer about your walk with God, please be sure to post on here and say so. I would really love to pray for you. :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Is it just me????

Is it just me or does life just seem to go by way to fast? I posted last on Monday and that seems like it was just yesterday. Wow. I feel like I am getting old way to fast. Somebody help me!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

School time!

School is just around the corner people! There's just something about shopping for school supplies that is just so much fun! The brand new notebooks, brand new binders, brand new backpacks and a brand new year. Its so weird but it feels like its still June in my mind. I wish time would just slow up and let me catch up first before it starts again. I also feel like I just left camp which was 3 or 4 weeks ago. *sigh* I guess that's just how it is........

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hola mi amigos!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I haven't been on here in a while. My life has been pretty hectic. When school and field trips and the clubs that I belong to start back up again I have no idea how I am going to keep myself sane! Soccer is going to start up soon so I'll try my hardest to get on here and keep y'all updated!

Random Thing #3-

My fave flower would have to be Bell Heathers!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I saw this on Dreamz page and thought I would try it since it sounded like fun! Here it goes-

If I were a gemstone, I would be Aquamarine.

If I were a scent, I would be rose.

If I were a pair of shoes, I would be a pair of cleats (Anyone who knows me, knows that's true!).

If I were the weather, I would be a sunny day.

If I were a bird, I would be a hummingbird.

If I were a time of day, I would be sunset.

If I were a desert, I would be an ice cream sundae.

If I were a smoothie, I would be a blueberry.

If I were an animal, I would be a dolphin.

If I were a month, I would be September( football time!).

If I were a flower, I would be a Bell Heather.

If I were a piece of clothing, I would be a pair of Wrangler jeans (nice and comfty, perfect for sports!).

If I were a song, I would be American Honey by Lady Antebellum.

If I were a book, I would be a Mystery novel.

Thanks again Dreamz for letting me use this!

Monday, June 28, 2010

About Moi

This blog is just for fun and for my friends to read. I will probably end up deleting it.

Things You Should Know About Me-

1. Favorite Color- Green
2. Total Tomboy
4. I will not give out my real name on the internet.
5. Big animal fan.
6. I am a Christian and not afraid to share my faith!
7. I am learning Spanish so sometimes I speak it on my blogs. I also speak a little bit of French too, be afraid, be very afraid ;)

That's about it for now so chao! (bye!)