Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A rainy day fashion show.

After a great reaction from my 4th of July and Don't Blink t-shirts, I thought I would try my hand at painting other designs on a dress and a few different styles of shirts.
Besides, it is always fun to set up a bed sheet and begin your own miniature modeling session with your siblings. 
Forever and Always a JesusChick ♥
Post Scriptum: This college girl is in need of cash, so if you are interested in a painted shirt of your own (I'm not limited to Doctor Who), please don't hesitate to ask. You will be my best friend.
Post Scriptum II: Shout out to Aimeebob for being my first customer and providing me the courage to do this. You rock, darling. :)


  1. Those are awesome! Great job!

  2. Aw thanks! I love all of them! Let me think and then I will get back to you when I get home :)

  3. You should try setting up on!

  4. Aimee - I am currently in the process of creating a shop but it is wanting my driver's license. XD

  5. You should make an Etsy shop. And I don't like doctor who... but I still love your designs!

  6. These are so cute! Also, thank you for your advice(: I'll remember those!(:

  7. WOW!! Did you make these?! That's incredible! Hey by the way, it's meeee! I'm back! Hope ymremember me :) missed you! Xx


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