Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weirdest thing......

Yesterday the weirdest thing happened to me while we were taking the cat to the vet. I was standing there and all of the sudden my muscles went numb (I could still keep myself up but I couldn't feel), my eyesight went blurry, my hearing was really bad (like i was underwater), and my face was as pale as a ghost. We saw a nurse friend of ours while we were out and she said I must of been dehydrated. That is possible because all I had for breakfast was two pieces of toast, nothing else(This happened at 10am and I ate breakfast at 6am, we had to get up early to take the kitten in). It was still pretty scary because I had never been like that before.

I was having a lot of fun at the vet's office too, the lady had just gotten done showing us the office and where the cats and dogs get their surgeries done. (We went to one of those places where all they do is spay/neuter cats and dogs.) It was really interesting and I loved the entire thing. The best part was that the lady said that when they get a little more situated, our homeschool group can come there for a field trip! I am so excited because when we do go, she will let us watch the vets do the surgeries. I know most people are going "ewwwwwww!" right now but I am really interested in this kind of stuff. I am actually looking into careers with animals. I believe that is my gift, that I have a heart for animals and animals are just something I enjoy learning about. I don't know, I guess when you find something you love to do, that is what you are meant to do.

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