Wednesday, September 29, 2010



I know, I know, I didn't get to get online to post about my game Saturday. Well, here is how my weekend went-


Soccer game was a slaughter. We won like 10-0. I felt so bad for the other team. They didn't even have enough players to play so they had to pull some players from other teams. The team's players weren't any bigger than me, only 3 people were taller. It was a sad game. But on the bright side, the Gators won their football game! YEA!!! I am hoping a Championship is close..... ;) Alabama Crimson Tide is next so they better watch out...... :P

We also went on a field trip. We went to a place that does helicopters for the police. We were allowed to hop in the helicopter and flip buttons and such. That is a really cool field trip.


Sunday we relaxed and hung out, always fun.


Monday was just like Sunday, we relaxed and did school.


This was a sad day because it was our last trip to the springs. :'( We played volleyball and I brought a soccer ball so we had a little game. It was a blast but what was so funny was the two boys that I was playing (i have known one of them for forever, but the other is a really good friend). Let me set the picture for you. I am coming up the left side of the goal, they are on the middle and while I am dribbling the ball up, I hear them saying, "u take her" "no, YOU take her". I was laughing so hard that I missed the goal but it was so funny! And these boys are bigger than me! The one that I have known forever is 11 but he is tall and skinny and the other is 15 and he is tall and muscular. Then later on in the game I heard the 15 year old say "we are never going to win with (my name here) on the other side!" I guess he said that because when I set my mind on getting someone, I don't stop. The older one had the ball and I slammed into him, not hard enough that he fell over but hard enough that I could get the ball. Who ever said soccer is not a contact sport is crazy, u won't last a minute in the game if u don't man up enough to knock someone or get kicked. U just have to learn to play with the injury.

Later that day I had soccer practice which was fun like always. We even got to scrimmage at the end which is awesome but this time I got a little more bruised up than I normally do.

Well, that's all for now so until next time, Chao!


  1. lol, I wish I could beat boys at sports! though, yesterday at Joppa we where all doing this weird football game thing and I can catch SO much better than Ricky!! It was so hilarious.... :D


  2. Some girls can just play beter than boys for some reason. Ricky doesn't seem like the sporty type so I am not surprized....... :P nah, i'm just playing but i still do believe he isn't that active

  3. Dang! I would not want to play against you........or 15 yr old boys for that matter! You are 1 tough cookie, Toughie


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