Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where have I gone???

You may be asking yourself- Omigosh! Where is she? Well one, I'm right here, where I have always been and two, school is what I have been doing. I now have 3 online classes (english, spanish 2, and math and mom signed me up for american history so I might be getting that also), not including Science Club once a week, and also not including regular science, literary analisis which mom is doing with us, Bible, and some history here and there. I am pretty busy and soccer hasn't even started yet!


  1. lol, love the pic!! i know how it is starting the new school year, I go to co-op once a week (which is what I just got home from!) and just started my new scedule where i hav 2 get up early! YIKES!!

  2. I am so sorry but i had to remove that pic, i didn't realize that on the water tower that was in the background, you could see the town name, whoops!


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