Monday, February 7, 2011

Green Bay all the way!

Hahahaha yeah the title of this post totally gives away what I was gonna talk about :/ but who cares! Yeah I don't know why I decided to root for Green Bay last night, probably because they are "Green" Bay and that's my fave color. And the color of mah eyes. ;> But they won so whoop whoop! Partay! *does funky dance* We had a fun time over at my grandpa's house for our Super Bowl party and I laughed my head off with "box head people" during the half time show. I mean seriously? How can you dance with a box on your head?!

Other than me and my box head people issues.... the news here with me with bleak. Its raining outside and has been raining all day so it looks gross and unpleasant. We have our homeschool valentine's party tomorrow which should be a blast like always. For some reason I have always loved giving out valentines cards, even though I know they are pointless! I do hope it stops raining....

Softball is starting up soon (whoop whoop!) and it should be fun. I miss playing sports and I probably won't get to play soccer this fall because of stupid high school boys and their foul mouths. :/ Yeah its not fair that I have to suffer just cause their being retards >:(

Btw, I have some blogs for you to check out after you leave my blog- (Colleen's- my crazy super awesome cool amazing friend) (Skate's- another cool amazing and talented friend)
Be sure to check them out! :D


  1. i wish it would rain here........but just has to snow.........blech...

  2. I will trade you!!!! I don't like it when it rains, 1, I can't go outside, and 2 the world looks so bland and nasty when it rains :(


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