Wednesday, February 2, 2011

La la la la la!!!

Well, besides me being sick and stalking the UPS dudes coming down our street nothing is really new.
I am getting better thankfully and all I have now is a cough with is horrible cause it sounds like I have a hairball or an UFO (doesn't make sense but that's me for yah :P ) in my throat!
I am stalking the UPS dudes cause my mom ordered me another purity ring after my other one flew off my wet hand in a Golden Corral parking lot in Tenneessee! Yeah, it stunk but it was so sweet to see everybody try to look for my ring. Well, anyways, I have a new one on the way and it should get here any day now and I am starting to think the UPS dudes KNOW that you are expecting a package so they drive really slow past your house on purpose! AHHHH! I even saw a FedEx dude yesterday too but neither of them stopped so I was pretty bummed. Oh well.
Well I am gonna ramble on some more- My mom and I did my hair again last night so I am now offically blonde again! lol! We waited a little too long and now I look even more like my mom :O Oh well, at least people aren't saying I look like my dad lol ;)
Well I have rambled on enough for today so I think I will just leave.....Chao!

But first, before I leave here is a penguin doing a funky dance-

Oh yeah! Go Penguin Go! lol!


  1. hope you get better and I love the penguin!

  2. Hahahaha! Thanks Rachael! I absolutely adore penguins and just had to let this cute little guy on my post!


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