Thursday, April 12, 2012

Going all fan girl

Timothy Richard Tebow
Born August 14, 1987 in Makati City, Philippines while his parents were ministering.
The youngest in his family.
Won two championships with the Florida Gators, and a Heisman Trophy in '07.
Cause millions of "John 3:16" google searches from his eye paint.
A Christian.
Proof that anyone can use their God-given talents to bring glory to Him.

~Peace, love, fugi apples~
Forever and Always a JesusChick ♥

Post Scriptum: Lookie!
Rachel made this for me! Just thought I'd show you guys :)) Its got a penguin and everything! :D


  1. Rachel is very good! I got one too :) Great post!

    Cats are liquid!


  2. I love Tim Tebow! What a great guy! I've heard that John 3:16 is one of the top google searches because of the paint he wears :-)
    Good pic, Rachel!!

  3. I love Tim Tebow. He's an awesome witness and he doesn't get caught up in the fame and everything. You can tell he's genuine! Did you hear about his Easter service? He drew 15-20,000 people to the church area he was speaking at, from all over the country!

    Awesome picture. :). Rachel is a great artist!

    God bless you!
    Joy :)

  4. liked your post! and I'm glad you liked the art work I did.


    --Rachel S

  5. Ah, so that's who he is! I've heard a lot about Tim Tebow, but never knew what the big deal was. He seems like a great guy!


  6. Calling all Hunger Games fans! Go to the following link!

  7. Yuuuusss!!! Tim Tebow is pretty much amazing :) And that's saying something since I've never been able to watch an entire football game before, due to boredom.
    I'm so glad you got your drawing! :) The penguin is an awesome touch :)

  8. Love! Can you believe my mom didn't know who he was? Her 60 year old friend was filling her in last night :P Of course we don't really watch football...but still. Homeschooled? Sweet (no wonder he turned out so nice :P Okay okay don't kill me for saying that public schoolers...) Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)

  9. I only have one thing to say and that is: Tim Tebow is really cute and pretty gosh darn awesome.


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