Monday, April 16, 2012

Smile a Little Monday {14}

For some reason, I just found this so hilarious :P

So we now know the truth

So mean, yet so funny XD
Dedicated to Mary, since I know how much she loves these :))
Y'all! Have an amazing Monday! :D

~Peace, love, "Always"(Peeta quotes = ♥)~
Forever and Always a JesusChick ♥
Post Scriptum: I have to give a speech tonight. Wish me luck that I don't die from nervousness O_O


  1. *gasp* Awww... dedicated to me?!? You know how much I love those. They are so hilarious and adorable!!!! Thank you JesusChick!!!!!

  2. okay... #1, #2, #3, #7, #8, #10 and #11. All hold so much win, I will be laughing all day.


  3. You made me laugh of course.:D

    I awarded you! (See my blog for details.)

  4. Wishing you luck! I love the don't judge a book by it's movie :) Thanks so much for brightening my slightly down day girly :) Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)
    Philippians 4:8

  5. LOL! :) Let's see...numbers one, six, and eight are my favorites. :P And nine is pretty funny, too.

    Good luck on your speech! You'll do great! :)

    God bless you!
    Joy :D

  6. Dude. Did I completely forget to send you the codes for your buttons? I am soooo sorry! I'm now off to make and send them to you. Again. SORRY!
    {I'll be praying for you with the giving the speech thing!}


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