Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Okay...so I'm back! :D I apologize greatly for my absense but I needed a break. With school looming over my shoulder and lots of other things going on, I couldn't take the added stress of posting. My blog is supposed to be something to help me relax and it was becoming a chore. My heart wasn't it in, and that's not fair to my beautiful followers. Now that I've taken a break, I think it's time to start again. :)

Anyways! Since I haven't been reading blogs for a few months, what's new with all of you?! Please comment and let me know! You all are some of the most amazing people. I have emailed a few of you during my break and every time I opened the message, I couldn't help but smile.

Me? What's new with me? Umm...college...soccer...guys...books...erm...listening to One Direction and Taylor Swift's new albums...I don't even know. xD My college classes are pretty awesome and now I get the satisfaction of crossing that off my  Sixteen While Sixteen list. Whoo! A few other things have been crossed off as well so I do believe this means cookies and lemonade in celebration for everyone!

And since I have missed quite a few Smile a Little Monday posts, I hope this will satisfy your need to giggle:

Sounds like a fun place to visit...

'Cause you know elephants can't stand the rain.

~Peace, love, Tobias (Yup...Peeta has been replaced. xD Poor thing.)~
Forever and Always a JesusChick ♥


  1. Ugh, I hate those days when blogging feels like an obligation. Butttttt I'm so glad that you are posting again! I missed you :( I loved the rainbow one, the elephant one and the last one. (how cool is it???)
    My life has been full of school hectic-ness and this past week, the guilt of turning in a library book late :/ I have a Jane Austen type dance practice this Friday, fro the ball that is going to be held in January. I'm excited to see my friends on Friday, I haven't gotten to see my bestie (really see her) in a month or two :( And that has pretty much, overall been my life :D Also traded in Peeta for Tobias...I love Tobias but I still feel like I'm cheating on Peeta :P Did you hear who they got to play Tris in the movie? It's Shailene Woodly or something like that. Anywhoos....sorry for the long comment *grins* Have a great 1D and Swift listening day! Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

  2. oh your back!!! ya-ya!
    halarous pics!

  3. I MISSED YOU! {I'm one of your recent followers, and I followed you during your break, but still, I MISSED YOU!}


  4. Yea!!! Your back and Thank GOODNESS you replaced Peeta with TOBIAS! That reminds me. Only 493 days until Divergent comes out and we get to see it together!!!!!!! I know, I'm counting off the days like a nut but oh well! I'm glad your back!

  5. So glad your back. I missed your 'smile a little monday' posts a LOT. They always make me smile.

    I loved the People of the past photo. Too funny.


  6. With me it's been work and college. In blog world I'm been doing the 30 days of thanks.

  7. I LOVE TOBIAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    um yeah :) so glad you are back from the blogging dead? idk..... my life can be summed up in three words : school and piano...... ya.... :) btw i like your new design! did you do it all by yourself?

  8. Peeta is MIIIIIIIIIIIIINE! haha.....don't tell Carson 0.0


  9. I awarded you over at my blog! http://mirandagabriella.blogspot.com/2012/11/awarded.html


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