Tuesday, December 18, 2012

i want to be your everything.

darling, you are making me fall in love. you are restoring my faith in happy endings. the way your dimples reveal themselves when you flash that brilliant smile sends my heart racing. the crinkle of those brown eyes of yours whenever you laugh is enough to make me smile even on my worst days. do you see how intoxicating you are? has it ever crossed your mind that i might be in love with you? how can i not when it seems that everything you do is without flaw.
 i would give anything to be your everything.
 i would give anything to be yours, to have you love me the way i adore you. but, alas, i am still simply the little girl that gets excited when a swing is available on the playground. i am still the girl who would spend an entire day in her pajamas to have a disney movie marathon. i will always be the girl who believes in 11:11 wishes. i am the girl who loves to be on the receiving end of your hugs and feels protected when she stands by your side. i am the girl who wants to be yours but does not know how to tell you. i am just the girl who fell for her best friend. 
forever and always a jesuschick ♥
post scriptum: it was quite refreshing to write a post and not have to worry about capitalization.
post scriptum two: one week until christmas, my lovelies. :)


  1. Lovely! :) And I am SO excited for Christmas!
    Kimmy x

  2. Lovely post :) And I am SO excited for Christmas!!
    Kimmy x

  3. Naaawww this wasa beautiful post :) you seem to have a nack for this type of thing.

    Keep writing!

  4. Awww.♥

    This post was so good. Like, really good. You write in a beautiful way.:) Oh and that girl you say you are. That's awesome! Never change yourself for a guy or anyone else. Because you are [amazing] the way you are!

  5. Oh my gosh... I can totally relate to this right now. Thanks for posting. This made me extremely happy.


  6. "i am still simply the little girl that gets excited when a swing is available on the playground"


    and capitalization is overrated!

  7. some beautiful photos in here! Cute!
    check my blog out sometime?


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