Monday, December 24, 2012

Smile a Little Monday {31} and a birthday

Just...yes. This is awesome.
If anyone out there is wanting to know what I want for Christmas, this would happen to be it. I want this so badly.
Please say happy birthday to my Boo Bear.
This gorgeous mess is 21 today. Excuse me while I go cry.
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve! Celebrate with your family, stuff your faces with cookies, and just have fun, okay? We deserve to let loose a little after having survived 12/21/12. 
Forever and Always a JesusChick ♥


  1. Hahaha, I always LOVE these posts! I was cracking up the whole way through it ! :) Merry Christmas JesusChick!!


  2. Ahh! Ed Sheeran is the sweetest! I love him, Happy New year JesusChick!


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