Tuesday, October 19, 2010

4-H Halloween Party

Last night was the 4-H Halloween party. I entered the pumpkin contest with my Cinderella's Carriage pumpkin. I placed 1st with my pumpkin but the best thing about it was my guy-friends reaction to my girly pumpkin. It was so hilarious. The were all shocked that I would make something like that. I guess they have never seen my girly side ;)
I think my guy-friends made a bet between themselves behind my back last night because almost all of them were trying to scare me. I hate to admit it but half the time, it worked. One of them kept shoving things like fake bugs into my face and I hate it when people do that so he always spooked me when he did that. Another one would sneak up behind me and shake me, urgh he scared me badly a couple times doing that. I think half the reason they could scare me was because it was dark out so it was already freaky. The next big thing was the two of them found a frog so as soon as I saw them with it, I took off. I kew what was coming next. They chased me around with the frog and ended up throwing it onto me. I screamed but it was only because they had scared me to death. Thank goodness I saw the frog hit the ground so I knew it was not on me anymore.
What was sweet was my one guy-friend who was not scaring me felt so sorry for me. He kept asking me if I was okay. The rest of the night he was kind of like my shield because I didn't want the one guy who threw the frog on me to sneak up on me again so he heled me keep an eye on that guy.
I am fine now but I know I don't like frogs anymore. ;) Just kidding, I love animals but I don't like it when somebody throws one at me. I know if he had threw a snake on me I would of been crying afterwards. I hate snakes. >:(


  1. Cute blog girl! I like the grafiti! Anyway, thanks for watching my blog! I think you are my only commenter! Love ya lil' sis! Gasp! I like the "girl stuff" you r doing! Miss ya'll!!!!!

  2. I think u r my only commenter also! I feel so lonely over here :(
    I miss u also! I wish we could come over soon, ur family has lots to teach me, lol! I would love for ur son to teach me how to do drawings on the computer (I can use it for my online classes) and I soooo want to learn how to make that stump cake!


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