Saturday, October 23, 2010


Last night I was up until 12:30am playing Just Dance on a friends wii. She was having a bday slumber party so everybody was just dancing randomly, even if they didn't have a wii remote. It was so much fun and I was doing really good surprising. I had never even played Just Dance before!
We just got back from flying in airplanes for Science Club! It was such an amazing experience! When we first got there, we sat and listened to one of the pilots teach us about planes, then we went up in groups of 2, not including the pilot. We flew for probably about 5 or 6 minutes. I saw people playing baseball on a baseball diamond, people canoeing in a creek, and even a horse track. Too bad there were no horses racing on it at the time :( It was just so cool.

I just HAD to put this here before I forgot. If you don't know me and my bff, we are crazy a lot of the time so this is a conversation we have been having for the past couple days on her Yahoo Updates page. She is Tacos.R.Smarticaltastic, I am Toughie, and another friend of mine is Candy-Corn

She put this as her post and it started it-

Tacos.R.Smarticaltastic My math book needs a psychiatrist to solve its problems....not me....

Toughie: hahahahahahahahaha!!!! i totally agree!

Candy-Corn!: meeeeeeeeeeee 2

Toughie: hi candy corn, u better watch it because candy corn is my fave candy ever, hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe *drools*

Tacos.R.Smarticaltastic: ooooooooooooooooooooh Toughie is getting that look in her eye!

Toughie: 0_0 my eyes are as big as saucers and my mouth is stomach is now growling and i am about to go in for the kill.............hahahahahahaha!

Tacos.R.Smarticaltastic: RUN CANDY-CORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Toughie: *chases the giant candy corn girl*

Tacos.R.Smarticaltastic: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Toughie: *stops in her tracks, see taco girl and tries to decide which is more yummy, tacos or candy corn*

Tacos.R.Smarticaltastic: Sorry Candy-Corn but if Toughie starts chasing us I'm tripping u......

Toughie: hahahahahaha! *considers which is yummy-ier and decides to go for the taco and then have the candy corn for dessert*

Tacos.R.Smarticaltastic: Nooooooooo! Don't you know you're supposed to eat dessert first!!!!

Toughie: no that's only u, tacos! I am a good little viking girl (lol!) so I am going to eat my taco girl first *starts drooling and wonders where the sour cream is*

Tacos.R.Smarticaltastic: Nooooooooooo! please don't eat me! I'm ur best friend!

Toughie: I have no bff's when I am about to eat a taco *i am in taco mode right now, please talk 2 me after i have returned to my senses, thank u*

Tacos.R.Smarticaltastic: i can't talk to you when u return to ur senses! I would be in ur stomach!

Toughie: lol ikr!!!!

Toughie yummy yummy taco person!

Tacos.R.Smarticaltastic: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toughie: *almost reaches taco girl's leg, dives for it*

Aren't we idiots????? hahahaha! That's were we stopped for right now but I will add anything more when she posts...... :D

Chao mi amigas,
Toughie :D


  1. Heather, u r so funny! along with yr friends, and if there's one thing I've learned, ITS NOT TO MAKE MY USER NAME ANYTHING ASSCIOATED WITH FOOD!!!!!! lollollol.... luvv u girlie!

  2. ikr! we r just complete idiots sometimes but we r awesome anyway :P
    Love yah also Lauren! :)


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