Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's up with moi

A lot of stuff is new with me, yesterday a group of my homeschool friends and I went to the police station here and got to see and ask all kinds of questions. It was pretty cool. After we went and hit Hardee's (yummy yummy!) . My younger sister was sick (fever, throat hurting) so we left Hardee's, had to cancel her dentist appointment that day, and went to our grandpa's house and hung out. We hung out until it was time to go to soccer, S and I were the only ones who went to soccer because the twin didn't want to go without the sick twin. We ran A LOT during practice. I felt like I was going to fall over and pass out. After a bunch of running drills and passing drills, the coach let us scrimmage! The funnest part of the night was this one guy would talked to me. He was one of the guys that in the beginning of the season, he wasn't wearing a shirt to practice, later the coach had to MAKE them wear shirts. I was playing defender and he was the goalie so he turned to me and said, It's so hot, I want to take my shirt off but your mom will get onto me (they think its my mom who tattled, i don't really care who said something but thank goodness they did). I replied, My mom isn't even here, my dad brought S and me. He started to pick up his shirt, then he stopped and said, Wait a minute, is your dad the tall, buff dude? I nodded and replied, Yeah. Then he looked scared and said, I think I'm going to keep my shirt on! hahahahahha! I am serious! He did look scared! It was too funny.

Last night at practice I did an awesome header. The goalie on the other team had the ball so he kicked it way up in the air and I saw it coming right down at me. I yelled, I got it, and when the ball came down, I headed it and it went back up in the air, into an open space near the goal, my teammate took it and almost scored a goal! It was pretty awesome and everyone was amazed I had gotten it. Yesterday was a pretty awesome day :)

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