Monday, December 13, 2010


I so want to talk to my bff but I can't seem to get to her. Her cell phone dead and I tried her mom's cell but I just got the answering machine.
My bff went in the hospital on Friday for surgery on her sternum. It was deformed on the bottom and there was some weird cartilage on her ribs so they had to go in and fix it. The surgery went well but she is in A LOT of pain right now. I have been praying like crazy for her and I hope to talk to her soon. Oh my gosh the tension is driving me insane. Please pray for me also that I don't start going bonkers and have to go to the crazy house! hahaha I am kidding but I seriously do feel like pulling my hair out. Until I hear her voice, I am going to be like this. She should be out of the hospital tomorrow I think so hopefully I can call her then. She is going to be on bed-rest for a month. I feel so bad for her. :(


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