Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cow eyes! :O

Today for Science Club we learned about the human eye. We have been studying the entire human body so, so far we have dissected a frog (for the digestion part) and a sheep brain (for the brain unit) and today, *shudders* we dissected, you guessed it, a cow eye. We learned and saw the pupil, cornea, retina and so much more. After we got everything out, we even turned the entire thing inside out so we could see the tapetum in the back of the eye. The tapetum is why when you shine a flashlight or a regular light at an animal, you see the animal's eyes "shine" while actually they are just reflecting the light. It was pretty cool but disgusting all at the same time. Not the best thing to do right after lunch....before we even ate we were disgusted because we had to watch a video of our science teacher having a lasik eye surgery. Talk about being grossed out. I give props to eye surgeons. I'm sorry, I would never be able to do that job.
Any of you guys dissect anything gross yet for science? I would love to hear about your experience lol!

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