Thursday, March 10, 2011

Prom ;)

This year in one of my homeschool groups, they are having a prom! Now I am not going with a guy ( ;) ) but I am going with a couple friends AND, the best part, my bff is coming down from Indiana to go to the prom with us! I am so excited! And, another awesome thing is that means she will be down around my birthday this year which is amazing and super and awesome and smarticaltasic and tacolicious and well, now I have run out of words that show my enthusiasm. How do you do a screaming and excited smiley because those my emotions right now lol! By the way, SHOUT OUT TO TACOS! You are one of my best friends, i am so lucky to have you , girlie, and I miss you terribly :( I can't wait to see you though ;)

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