Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rifle Competition yesterday

Yesterday was the 4H State Rifle Competition. It was supposed a 3 part competition but due to lack of time we just did the first 2 parts. For the first one I used a semi-automatic scope gun and for the second I used a single shot peep sight gun. (I know, probably speaking in another language lol!) I placed 13th in State which is not that bad and my team that I was with placed 2nd! friend who was teasing me about how he was going to whoop my butt, I beat his score on 6 out of the 9 targets we shot so whoo hoo! Oh yeah baby!
There was also a high school rodeo last night for our town. It was pretty cool and I saw a bunch of people I knew from public school. The sad part is even though I remember them, I doubt they remember me. Some of them seem to but a lot of them don't and its sad cause some of them I used to be friends with but I guess they get new friends when you leave :( I don't really care because you guys are so much better friends than they were :) I have a feeling that they were just fair weather friends and you guys will be there for me through everything :D

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