Monday, January 7, 2013

smile a little mondays {fail}

do you remember the post in which i spoke about my best-guy-friend whom i had a crush on? well, on friday, he told me that he had been crushing on me for a few years now but did not want to say anything. i took a deep breath, calmed my stomach butterflies, and told him that i thought the same way about him. needless to say, i am really happy right now and for that reason i was going to put together a cutesy version of my smile a little monday posts but alas, i cannot upload photos right now because blogger does not like me at the moment. how dare it. how can you not like this face? please don't answer that question. anyways, it totally bummed my happy mood.
instead, i shall have to ask you just to visit my pinterest and find some pictures to entertain yourself with. while you do that i shall continue my giddiness by fangirling over one direction.
the music video for kiss you comes out today.
and it's a monday (*cough cough* kayleebeth. *cough cough*).
life is good.
forever and always a jesuschick ♥
post scriptum: it is strange how i feel like every post concerning my crush needs to be typed in lowercase. that, and i am simply adoring this style of writing. i have an urge to wear slippers (done) and sip minty hot chocolate (just about to). i just feel free.


  1. awww. So happy for you and him!

  2. Romance! Gah!

    Written with pen-sealed kisses, dreams, and turtles; Meena (the randomest girl you'll ever meet! :P)

    you're awesome! try some blackberries for some sweetness!

  3. Awww that is so cute!
    Kimmy x

  4. Aw that is awesome!!

    I just found your blog and I love it!!

    Aaaaa Kiss You video!!!! I just watched it.... Niall is soo adorable. I love him.

  5. Aww that's awesome!!! <3 So happy for you!!


  6. So this is my face right now: XD

    So happy for you, sweetie!:)

  7. Eeeep!!! So cute!! (And I thought that only happened in movies/books...)


    Hahahaha I showed my friends Olan Rogers and they LOST IT laughing, we continued replaying that video, like, all night!

    -Molly ( Pinterest )

    P.S. Y U NO talk to me anymore!?!?! JKJKJK seriously tho.

  8. Congrats! :) That is happy news! I also had issues with posting photo's with blogger. :(

  9. d'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! hahaha i love you! it WAS Monday when you wrote this but since i am terrible at keeping up w/ your blog it is no longer Monday :'( well i shall continue to pinterest stalk you XD ♥ u babe! hehe

  10. Aaah I love it when that sort of thing happens *how romantic* <3

    I'm happy you're happy :D
    And indeed, One Direction is the bomb ;)



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