Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Paddy's Day

I am embracing my Irish roots and celebrating Green Day by pinning dozens of pictures of my favorite leprechaun on pinterest. You're welcome. :)

Both my mother and I forgot to wear green this morning so in church I pinched her. In return, she punched me in the leg and I bursted out laughing in the middle of service. Whoops.
Lesson for the Day: Never mess with momma.
Forever and Always a JesusChick ♥
Post scriptum: Five days until seventeen.


  1. Love that first and last picture, darling! and don't worry, i'm counting off the days until your birthday. and the days until we meet each other to see the Divergent movie premiere... 5 until your birthday... 371 until Divergent... why can't things come out quicker!!!!!

  2. Of course it is Niall's day! Forget St.Patrick :P I feel super guilty now...I forgot and had to think fast when my littlest sister asked if I was wearing green. Having just put in a wash I was all smooth and "it's so sad! My green shirt's dirty so I couldn't wear it *sad face* I have to wait until it's been washed!" Score for the big sister. Totally right about the mama part, your story made me smile :)

  3. I wore green! haha I listened to a ton on 1D songs. I love the pictures of Nialler!! :)

  4. I wore green socks!! :D My parents told me I couldn't wear my Niall shirt to church, but I put it on when I got hime :) It's almost your birthday!!! EEEP!!

  5. Niall ♥ Yes. Thank you for these.
    Haha. ;)

  6. YES! St. Niall's Day! I forgot about the whole "St. Patricks Day" thing, and just celebrated Niall :) And I didn't deliberatly wear green to church, but when we were in the car, i was like OH YEAH IT'S ST NIALL'S DAY, and coincidentally I was wearing green... haha :)Lol, that is so funny about your "Mom" incident in church.... sooooo relatable :) Haha, have a great dayy!

    Isabelle xx <3


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