Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tips for when you visit your State Capitol

There are a long list of dos and don'ts when you decide to take a field trip to your State's Capitol. Let me just clue you in on a few:
Do find some slightly younger guy-friends to embarrass by making them hold your hand as you cross the street.
Don't let yourself get distracted by the flowers blooming on the walkways up to the Capitol. You might get left behind.
Do make sure you use your inside voice while in the musuem. This do applies even when you become excited about seeing a person dressed up in a manatee costume (even though it had no tail which is still confusing me).
Don't leave the Capitol until you get a picture with previously-mentioned tail-less aquatic mammal.
Do make sure you keep your belongings on you at all times.
Don't leave your jacket on the 22nd story of the building after you run up 20 floors by means of stairs. You will not be getting it back. (twin...*stares at sister*)
Do stay close to the group and resist wandering off. (other twin...*stares at both sisters*)
Don't forget to wear any items of clothing that reflect your preferred college football team because you might be entering the territory of your main rival.
Do take pictures of you and your friends Tebowing in front of said rival college.
Don't let your idiot friend try to trip you in the cafeteria in front of all of the State Representatives.
Do find a hand to hold so you don't get lost (♥)
That's about it! This tips may or may not be from personal experience...just trust me on this.
("Trust me, I'm the Doctor." I couldn't resist. XD )
Forever and Always a JesusChick ♥


  1. Nice list. Mine is a little different!

    Do manage your time to account for the slow/non-working elevators so you can avoid 19 flights of stairs in effort to make your next appointment on time.

    Do look at the weather channel the night before, so that you and your daughter dress accordingly.

    Do educate yourself on the folks you are scheduled to meet so that you can speak smartly to them.

    :) You can see my post at :

  2. Awesome! :D sounds like you had some fun! :) x


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