Monday, March 25, 2013

The Avengers Go to Walmart

There comes a time when you just need to break free. When you yearn to be different than the mold society is trying to force you into. Those are the times you should not turn to your sister for advice.
Maybe you have a sister that is different than mine. Quite possibly yours could have suggested baking cookies for your elderly neighbor, designing a new instrument to play, or even just simply painting your nails a color unlike the previous ones you have adorned.
My sister is a bit more unique.
So at 8pm last night as we were roaming the toy department of Walmart, we discover these beauties:

She throws on the Captain America mask before I even  knew what hit me. I lost my baby CA that quickly.
I wasn't on board with her whole plan in the beginning, but after we had left the toy department and she was still wearing the mask, I eventually gave in and became Iron Woman. We were a team. The only thing we were missing was her shield and my full-body metal suit.
She and I walked the entire Walmart store feeling like superheros. We received some weird looks, but the smiles from the kids made it all worth it. My sister even acquired a salute from a little boy and I was high-fived from an adult who apparently was a fan as well. It was all so amazing and I laughed the entire way through the store. We took pictures but I am not positive on how to get them off my daddy's phone.
If I haven't mentioned it before on my blog, I'll say it now: I love my sister. She has spirit and will never be a conformer. The confidence she has in herself amazes me. I wish I could be as strong as her. I am sorry, sis, if I don't tell you enough, but you mean the world to me. You hold a larger place in my heart than Captain America does, which you know is saying a bunch. Even though you frustrate me at times, I will always love you because you are not afraid to be yourself. Which, yourself is pretty dadgum spectacular if you ask me.
Before I end this post I would just like to thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes. I could not ask for better friends and followers. You guys are all so amazing and deserve a hug.
I would like to personally thank:
Sierra. You are just phenomenal. I adore you so much and wish that we lived closer so we could go hit the libraries together and fangirl with the librarians.
Meena. have a voice, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Your video was so super sweet. I cried the entire way through it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Forever and Always a JesusChick ♥


  1. Avengers? Nuh-uh....that is severely awesome :D And really, really, really cool!!!! I would have loved to join you. But as Batgirl :P

    dawwwwwww, thank so much :D Definitely!!!!!!!! I can totally see us going up and down the isles pointing out the book we loved :D

  2. Ooh, I forgot! When i was reading this post Storm Warning came on and I was like "Perfect!!!!!!!!!" He's the best :D Among 1D & Scotty :P

  3. Ohmigosh that is hilarious!!! I'd totally do that... but not alone XD I wish I could have done something special for your birthday... :( it might just be late... k?

  4. You guys are awesome! My sister and I do that stuff too! I love having a sister I'm close to! Because awesome events are sure to occur. :D

  5. oh my gosh. this is the sweetest and funniest thing ever! i am not close to my sister because she is eleven years older than me, so keep treasuring your sister.:) ♥

  6. Ooooh, my goodness, that had to be so fun. I'm such a big superhero fan, I probably would've given you a high five. ;) Your sister is awesome! :)

    God bless you,
    Joy :)


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