Monday, October 21, 2013

I love her. {A friendiversary post}

So I have this friend, who is flawless in so many ways, who decided to inform me this morning by the way of a post on my blog (and to hers) that today is a very special occasion. By her estimation, she has discovered that it has been one year since today that our amazingly hilarious cyber friendship began to bloom. It has also been one year since today that my life changed for the better simply because she is here by my (virtual) side.

There are no words to describe how I feel about Molly but I will give it a shot. She is beautiful, sweet, loving, caring, gorgeously adorable in every way possible, and even though she just told the entire cyber world that my real name is Heather, I don't even mind because she is that amazing.

I mean, just look at her? How could you ever hold a grudge? 

She owns a pillow pet, which I think is the coolest thing since sliced Amity bread.

She's also the one who assisted me in coming to the realization that we are both unicorns.

She introduced me to George the Girmoose. He is a giraffe and a moose all at once. I know, it blew my mind as well.

And here she is wearing George's moose antler as a mustache. Such beauty. Such poise.
All in all, Molly is the most phenomenal individual I have received the honor to come across. She has endured my endless squealing (and crying) over fictional characters and real-life people. This girl is also the most hilarious person to Skype with, which is where all of the above pictures derived from. She had a heart for everyone as big as Africa itself. Her smile is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. We have such a blast together, and I absolutely love being able to call her my Amity Happy Bread Buddy. 

Dear Molly,
How can you be so flawless?
I'll love you always, darling.
You am so honored to be considered your friend.
I love you (It needed to be said twice to make sure you knew).
You have changed my life. 
Your AHBB, Heather

Post Scriptum: These are for you, sweetheart. Good times...good times.

♥   ♥  ♥    


  1. D'awww!!!!!!!!!!! That's so sweet!!!!!!! :')

  2. First I was smilin uncontrollably then I was crying and I cannot control my emotions right now because I love you so much this is amazing. I'm still crying.

    Ps sorry!! I didn't think about it when I did the post, ugh whoops. Meh now I'm mad at myself :/

    1. *hands you a tissue* It's okay, babe. We will make it through this together!

      You are totally fine!!! Don't even worry about it!!! I was actually thinking about beginning to use my real name on here and you only nudged me forward to making that decision. :)

  3. You guys are crazy and remind me of my bff ......who is on vacation!! Love you sissie!!!

  4. The last picture totally described me. I met a friend through internet and now she is my best friend! I can't wait to actually "meet" her. :)


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