Friday, October 18, 2013

Ups & Downs {2}

Thumbs Up
I received the sweetest letter from my bestest buddy yesterday. I spoke to her on the phone as I opened the envelope and had a massive squealing session.
Allegiant comes out this month.
I am almost finished with my Despicable Me minion costume for Halloween.
Who knew Nutella was so addicting?
Finding out Jennifer is my twin:

And this just being so perfect:

Thumbs Down
Previously mentioned bestest buddy is probably going to make me pay for the bill for damaging her eardrums. 
^^^ she also doesn't live in Florida. Bummer.
Tobias isn't real so I can't marry him yet.
My ACT test date is in 8 days. I don't care how many times I take that test, I will always freak out about it.
This episode of Doctor Who:
I'm still crying my heart out.


Before you exit my little blogging world, will you do me a favor by visiting this little website? I have been getting emails from them for a while, but never thought anything of it. It wasn't until today when I opened one about their blogroll, that I realized why they had been sending me these emails. They have an entire list (that you can check out here) of homeschool bloggers that are in high school or are a recent graduate and I am on the top of the list.

whoa. O.O you guys think i am that good? *blushes* y'all are the best.

Long story short, I would love it if you could visit this website, tell them thank you for being awesome, and then go visit a few of the other blogs they are showcasing! 

Forever and Always a JesusChick ♥


  1. First) Cool website! I'll look at some blogs. ^^

    Second) Thanks for beings awesome~ ;D

  2. Dont worry girl. I am still crying from that episode as well....... AHHHHHH XD

  3. Firstly let me just say I love this post!!!

    And secondly, if Tobias was real, I would have already kidnapped him and forced him to marry me, hence making him MINE! XD

  4. THAT EPISODE BROKE ME. :( the poor doctor.


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