Wednesday, December 18, 2013

All I Want for Christmas is You {Celebrity Edition}

I won't ask for much this Christmas.

Tom Hiddleson

I won't even wish for snow.

Josh Hutcherson

I'm just gonna keep on waiting...

Scotty McCreery

...underneath the mistletoe.

Chris Evans

I won't make a list and send it...

David Tennant the north pole for Saint Nick.

Sam Claflin

I won't even stay awake to...

Theo James

...hear those magic reindeer click.

Josh Duhamel

'Cause I just want you here tonight.

Hunter Hayes

Holding on to me so tight.

Ansel Elgort

What more can I do?

Andrew Garfield

Baby, all I want for Christmas...

The Grinch. (Don't ask. I've loved him for years and in my opinion, he is an actual person.) you.


Post Scriptum: This fabulous girl and I have created a video blog. Go us!


  1. Perfection! Theo,Josh,Sam,Andrew,they are all flawless! LOL I love how you did The Grinch

  2. I feel the need to steal this post xD

  3. *.* love this
    check out my blog maybe?

  4. Yas please just give me the Hiddles and I'll be good ;D


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