Thursday, June 16, 2011

Favorite things ever...

Ok for some weird reason I love snowglobes...

One of my favorite things to do during Christmas and sit around and flip our snowglobes over and over and over and just watch the snow swirl around.

We have about 8 snowglobes in our Christmas boxes but I have 3 snowglobes of my own in my room right now. 2 from my bff who I don't think realises how much I adore snowglobes, she got them for me for my birthday this year. And then the other one is a little penguin one which I am completely in love with because if you know me, I absolutely love penguins ♥. I could sit on my bed, flipping him over and over all day and I would never get bored. (Ok maybe not all day...)

I was looking online for an awesome snowglobe and I found this one-

Totally EPIC chubby penguin! Omigosh I would love to have him. I am wondering if eBay has snowglobes on it but I'm not sure because they are glass...

More epic snowglobes!

This is a MOUSE for your COMPUTER! How awesome is this thing???

Aww maaan! :(

This is the most hilarious snowglobe I have ever seen-

Poor kitty!


  1. I love Snowglobe's 2!!!! love the kitty one!! LOL

  2. I cracked up laughing when I saw it. At first I didn't understand but I guess that was just me being a blondie ;)

  3. LOL!!!!........I want the CAT snowglobe!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ur gonna have to fight me for it! ;D

  5. I'm having a challange over at my blog:

    and its called '' can Cordaroy go to buildabear?'' thought you'd be interested in it!

  6. Its sounds like a cute idea :)

  7. ok i have to say . . . I WANT TO SAVE MR. KITTY!!!!!!!!!!

  8. ok i have to say that the mouse is the best. I WANT THAT MOUSE!!!!!!! how much? where can you get it? how many do the stores have? why cant i stop typing? HELP ME!!!!! o wait . . . im good!

  9. @Kyle
    Ikr? Its AWESOME! And its MINE so HA! Mwahahahaha and idk why u can't stop typing! u might be a 8GASP!* type-aholic! XD hehehe Luv ya little buddy <3


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