Monday, June 27, 2011

Blogger friends

As a favor to some friends of mine, here are some blogs I would love for you to check out-

My friend Sophie's blog-
I love this blog because its one of my awesome friend's blog. She is an amazing photographer and writer.

My new friend Madison Lousie's blog-
FABULOUS writer! Love her!

And my buddy Kyle's blog :)
Kyle, you are just awesome dude. I love hanging out with you and I'm glad you finally got a blog :) Be for-warned, a lot of randomness on this blog ;) But its awesome random-ness hehehe

Please go check them out! :)


  1. cool! I read the two blogs above!

  2. Thank you for putting that on there! Love you too blogger pal. (:

  3. Hey, how do you put a playlist on my blog? I made a account on the site and then I made a playlist. And I tried many attpemts to put it on my blog, but it doesn't work. How did you get yours on?

  4. On the site, up at the top, it should have a button that says "share your playlist". Click on it and it will bring you to a page. Set the options for your playlist. Click the "get code" button. It will bring u to another page. There is an icon for blogger and click on that. Fill in the little box that comes up and it will automactically post ur playlist for u but make sure u click the "put on sidebar" button or it will just be a post on ur blog

  5. I tried all that. SIGH. It said something was wrong. I'll try it again.
    Thank you! (:

  6. Your so awesome JC, thanks so much!

    Gotta agree w/ you on maddie's blog too ;)

    your book's com'n along too! :D


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