Thursday, June 9, 2011


Well people it is offically here. SUMMER! Its blazing hot out and all I want to do is hop in the pool or take a trip to our local springs with my friends.

What's new with me you may ask?

First thing's first, America's Got Talent's 6th season just started and I'm so excited! My family and I absolutely love this show so I am totally happy that its on again. Howie Mandel and Piers Morgan are hilarious together ;)

Well, another thing is I have been working recently (Omigosh a real shocker right?) being a nanny for these 3 kids I know. It was a blast because I absolutely love little kids. I took the oldest two horseback riding in the mornings and then walked the youngest around on the horse when I got back.

Yesterday I took them to the springs with three other little girls and their mom. Those little girls wore me out. Every time I would climb up the ladder, they would be right there at the top waiting for me so I could jump off again with them. Don't get me wrong, I was completely flattered and I had the best time with them :)

We played Wii today and honestly? The little kids whooped my sorry behind. Even the simplest game, I lost. The youngest even beat me. So of course when I actually won a game I flipped out and started jumping around the room which was quite a sight. Too bad I didn't get it on film because it would've been hilarious to see. I've never been that talented at video games...

I bought a new bag on Tuesday which is actually coming in handy. I don't get why they call it this but its called a "hobo" bag. Sounds really weird but its the most awesome thing ever and I love it to pieces. I got a good deal on it also from a local consignment shop- $5.50! The ones I have seen in the store that are the size of this one range from 15 dollars to 25 dollars so I was really excited to find one that cheap. I might just have to post pictures of it later so y'all can marvel at its epic-ness ;)

How has your summers been so far? By the way, also tell me how good you are at video games and/or Wii. I am curious to see if I am the only one who completely stinks at them...


  1. I'm AWSOME at pretty much any video game/wii game's their is. My summer has been ok so far. Is really nervose about tommrow!!! like i am like super super nervose!!!! I am like freaking out like what if she asked me a question and I dont know the answer and freaking out like that!!!!

  2. Ur going to do fine :) And I'm jealous of ur skills at video games lol no I haven't seen u play but any1 is better than me :/

  3. LOL.....Maybe u can come over and play with me on a video game!!!!!

  4. That would be fun but u would probably whoop my butt ;)

  5. A 5 year old whooped my butt. I think its safe to say that you are better than me ;)


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