Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Well I am now, as you can see by the title of this post, wet and happy :D We just came back in from swimming in the pool. Such an awesome day out. So pretty and lots of clouds so its not really hot. Normally on Tuesdays we head to the local springs with our homeschool group but we decided to chillax (oh yeah, such an awesome word :P ) and spend a day at home.

Recently I have been listening to a bunch of Britt Nicole music, she is so EPIC hehehehe My fave song of hers right now would have to be Headphones-

"Her mom says she's great, the kids think she's weird" Nope not me! None of the kids think I'm weird.....they know for an absolute fact that I'm weird :> hehehe but y'all know you love me anyways <3

I think I am going to have to do a post on Britt Nicole, I absolutely love her music and this is only one of the many songs I love by her!

Peace out my awesome followers! I hope your day has been as EPIC as mine and I hope you loved the song. I think I'm gonna go put on my headphones now :) Needing some love thru my headphones hehehe ;)


  1. chillax..heheh
    love that word.
    whats that mean?

  2. Chillax is a combination of the two words "chill" and "relax". Together they become the awesome-to-say word "chillax"! ;D

  3. ya but i say that the state "im just sayin" is a excuse to ALL things exemple-"don't drink that! thats discusting! im just sayin" SEE!

  4. I am totally confused dude...I'm a blonde remember? ;)


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