Thursday, August 4, 2011



24 + 1.

Viente y cinco.

100 divided by 4.

5 times 5.


That's the number I am freaking out about. That's the number of how many followers I have reached!

Oh my kangaroos, this is just amazing! I feel so awesome and honored and loved and epic and, and...ummm...I need more words to describe my feelings...well you get the point ;)

I feel as if I need to do something to celebrate this special occasion. Maybe even a giveaway?? Well hold your llama's socks on because I think we are going to have one! :D (I really have no idea where the "llama's socks" thing came from o.O hehe randomness!)

Forever and always a JesusChick


  1. Congrats! Hope u get 25 more :)

  2. Aww thank you that really means a lot! :)


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