Sunday, August 7, 2011

A happy sunday morning :)

1st reason its a happy sunday morning.

I got to sleep.

Oh yes, sleep. Lovely, lovely sleep.

A slumber party happened at my house this Friday night and Saturday morning and my best friend stayed up until 5am and talked. Randomness was spoken and we both started spouting really stupid things because we were trying to stay awake. Finally we gave up and fell fast asleep. I was woke up at 8:20am so right now I am still trying to catch up on the sleep I lost. I wouldn't trade that time with my bestie for anything though ;)

2nd reason?

I became obsessed...again...

This morning, wearing my pajamas and a lime green blanket wrapped around me, I watched the 1994 Little Women movie for the first time. Oh yes, the most perfect attire for sunday morning movie time :)

All I can say is "AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!"

I laughed, I cried, I jumped up and down because for some reason I was hoping in the movie that Jo would marry Laurie but to my horror, it didn't. And I was ready to break the TV.

I fell in love with all the characters in the book when I first read it. I fell in love with Meg and her yearning for elegance but she traded it for love :) I fell in love with Beth and her love of music. I fell in love with Amy, well because she's awesome. Easy as that.

I absolutely fell in love with Jo. Her love for writing, her love of learning and reading, her temper, her tomboy-ish ways, its all me :)

Laurie? He's my favorite besides Jo ;) His brother-ly-ness (I'm making that a word), his charming ways, his sweet, loving nature, his all around amazing-ness.

I get obsessive with my books. Honestly I was screaming and hurled my book across the room when Jo didn't marry Laurie. I was seriously a nutball about it but I didn't care. I was upset! I do pray I wasn't the only one haha ;)

LAURIE! Ooooohhhhh that hair

I'm ready to read the book again...

Forever and Always a JesusChick ♥



    You can guess that Jo is my favorite because of her love for writing. (oh yeah, that's so me) We must be alot alike since we're both like Joe lol :D

  2. I'd give anything to go into books and be able to stay a little bit :) Maybe I could put Jo and Laurie together because I still believe in another dimension, they will get married! :D

  3. LOL i know. Joe is the best :D


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