Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I'm. So. Tired.

I feel like running back to my bed and covering up with my soft warm blankets some more.

But I have school to do so I can't. Sad face.

Anywayyyyyyy, its been busy here at my house lately. We have finally settled down since my grandma left yesterday. She came up to stay with us a while and since she was staying in my room, I lost my nice, comfortable bed for several nights. I had to sleep on the fouton/couch. Now I'm not complaining because I do love that fouton but, nothing can compete with your own bed. You know what I mean?

Last night was my first night back in it and I slept gooooood :)

I just realised if my 2 bff's saw this post I'm going to be in trouble. We started this contest where we were going to try to go without using the letter "r". I was the one who started it and I actually picked the letter "r" because I didn't think it would be too difficult. Man was I wrong. I bet if I counted all the times I've used that letter here in this post I'd have more than 15 at least. Its kind of funny though. You guys should try it with your friends ;)

Maybe that should be my next contest, the person who can go the longest without using a certain letter or word... What do you guys think?

Forever and Always a JesusChick ♥


  1. That's so ironic! I love penguins, am a Christian, dread starting school, and will have my grandma take over my room when she visits, too! :P

    (Clicks follow button)

  2. Cool contest. Maybe me and you could start one also...

  3. @Sam - Oh my goodness that's so freaky! Hehehe I'm glad you are a new follower though, thanks! :) Btw, I actually LOOOOOOVE school ;) I don't dread it much but of course there are some moments
    @Joy 2 the Lord - Yeah maybe we can get a bunch of bloggers in on it :)

  4. That's sounds sooo cool! I would maybe like to try that:)
    You have to use a letter thar doesnt really show up ina lot of words:)

    I luv ur blog!

    I'm so following!

    Or do I already?

    I'm homeshooled,but I do not like it when school is back because that means summer is OVER!

    I was kind of replying to ur comment on Shophie's blog:)

    I love ur middle name! It's so funny that ours are almost the same!

    I might use ur middle name on an AG doll? Like one of the JLY! I never had one of those dolls before!

    My blogging friends have a cousin and her middle name is Mae too!
    Oh I love how that looks! LOL!


    God bless!

    Oh.. ^*Rae*^

  5. I didn't think "r" was used that much! Boy was I proved wrong ;)

    I work on my school thru the summer but not that much. I never really have a summer vacation but then again, I enjoy school so its not much of a horrible thing for me ;)

    Glad you like my blog and are following! :D

    I will be glad to loan my middle name for you for an American Girl doll ;)

  6. Yeah,I do homework all year long:)
    It's just that all my cousins go back to school,and I love summer!
    Thx so much for lending me ur middle name! But I am not sure if I will get a JLY doll anytime soon:)
    Sorry I didnt follow yet,I have been doing some homework since it's rainy today:(

  7. I can understand that. My cousins are either a lot older than me, a lot younger than me, or I don't know them at all because I've never met them.
    I know ;) I feel honored that you asked me though!
    Oh same thing here :) Well, minus the rainy part lolsies ;)


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