Sunday, January 8, 2012

An award :)

I was awarded!
Thanks so much to Sierra and Breanne for this!
So here are the rules:
1) Link back to the person who gave you the award
2) Complete the form below
3) Award other blogs, and let them know in a comment/email that they have been awarded
4) Share seven random things about yourself
Here is the form:

1) Name your favorite song: Oh goodness this is hard, I have so many! the moment I seem to have Hands and Feet by Newsboys

2) Name your favorite dessert:
An ice cream cookie sandwich. You take 2 chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven, and put a scoop of ice cream in between them. Its to die for :))

3) What makes you angry:
People who lie.

4) When you're upset:
I don't show it. At night, when I'm in bed everything will come out onto my pillow.

5) What's your favorite pet?
My 2 cats :)

6) Black or white?
I want to say white, but I know black is easier to wear...

7) Biggest fear?
Snakes, and disappointing people

8) Everyday attitude?
Normally happy-go-lucky. I'm almost always laughing, and doing something

9) What is perfection?
Our great and mighty God :)

10) Guil
ty pleasure? This is something only you follwers can know about me. If you tell anyone else I will have to...umm....tickle you with a feather(Love Astro Boy ♥). I'm obsessed with Disney movies, like the little kid ones. Especially Disney princesses ♥

7 Random Things About Me
1. I'm in love with we♥it.

2. Last year for Halloween, I made a Cinderella's carriage pumpkin for 4H. That goes right in line with the Disney-Obsession

3. Scary movies are just not my thing. I get really freaked out and start screaming.

4. I'm extremely ticklish.

5. I get annoyed when people tell me I can't do something. As soon as that happens, I set out to do it (Unless it was something that they were warning me for my well being, like saying "You can't jump off a 20-story building". I'm not that weird.)

6. I get really emotional while reading books. I'll start crying, I'll start covering my mouth with a pillow so I can scream, I'll sigh when something good happens, I'll throw the book against a wall when anything bad happens.

7. I love Kristin Bell. Like seriously love. She's so amazing in You Again, When in Rome and Astro Boy.

I award:
and Skates

~Peace, love, Somewheeeeeere over the raaaaaainboooooow~


  1. Haha, like the answers ;) Wow, didn't realize someone else already awarded ya...guess you're 'jis like, popular or somethin'. :)


  3. Breanne: Aww thanks! Nah I'm nothing special ;)

    Cindi: LOVE YOU TOO, LITTLE CINDI LOU WHO!!!! I can't wait to read your answers :))

  4. so awesome! i've never heard of we<3it...i'm checking it out as we speak. (:

    i'm so glad breanne tagged you!! she tagged me too (:

  5. Memory: We♥it is simply ah-maze-ing! I use it all the time to find the pictures I use here on my blog :)
    Sweetness! I can't wait to see your answers! :D

  6. Mm, ice cream cookie snadwiches :P'''
    I don't like to disappoint people either. We♥It is epic -- I go there when Pinterest isn't working ;) And yeah, I almost broke the spine on Mockingjay when Prim... well, you know. *sob*

    Great answers!

  7. It's okay, I love Disney movies too.

    (Great blog, By the way).

  8. Jessica: They. Are. GOOD. :) Hahaha! I'm still working on getting a pinterest. Oh my goodness that was like the worst part of the book! I was shaking so hard and trying not to scream at the top of my lungs.

    Rachel: I'm glad I'm not the only one ;) Thank you thank you! I love your blog as well! :)

  9. Hey! I left you a comment on my blog after what you said about not knowing how to make a button! I'll just post it down here. Email me if you have anymore questions!

    @JesusChick Well, I use picnik to make the actual button itself. Once I'm done with that I go to and use their direct link and use a certain code to use for my button. For a much easier to understand tutorial go to carlotta's post: It's way easier to understand, and that's exactly what I use and do. :)

  10. Hey, Astro Boy is cool :) And I love Beauty And The Beast. And We♥It is so fun ;) Do you have an account? I've been thinking about getting one...
    Your welcome :)
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)


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