Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Update on Challenges {December-January}

I'm such a bad girl. I have been meaning to update you guys on my challenges, but because of being so busy lately I hadn't gotten around to it. Please forgive me?

You can read the details on the challenges here.

Challenge One: Go a year without soda.
This hasn't been as hard as I thought it was going to be. I'm not the biggest soda drinker, I would rather have water any day, so I've been doing pretty good in this area. My only concern will be camp in the summer, the time I use to load myself on Dr. Pepper since I don't have it many other times. I'll have to make sure I bring some Crystal Light packets or something :P

Challenge Two: 365 miles in 365 days

In total, I have fast-walked/ran 62.25 miles since December 20th. I've already reached my first goal of 25 miles so I could compete in a marathon my family signed up for so I'm excited. I've also lost 8 pounds so far and gained muscle, so I'm estactic :)

Just thought I'd give you all the low-down. Thanks again for supporting me you guys. You definitely give me the courage and determination to continue these challenges!

~Peace, love, cherry poptarts (craving one)~

post scriptum: I promise a real post will be coming soon :)


  1. Yayayayayyayayayy!! I am so glad all is going well! Oh my. You have ran a lot within the past month. I am so proud of my blogger twin!!! :))


  2. Jesuschick, that's awesome!! You totally rule, girl. Good luck in the summertime. Keep up the running! ;D

    Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  3. That's so cool! I definately would not be able to do that {the running!} :P Like, seriously. You. are. AWESOME! :)

  4. go girl! those are intense challenges!

  5. i could do challenge one so easy! cuz, i hate soda, period (.)! hey, and in case you haven't noticed, i made buttons! check 'em out! thx for that link to the button tutorial! it totally helped!


  6. I would not be able to go without soda for a year. I don't drink a lot of it, but when I do I enjoy every minute of it. :-)

    Check out my blog.


  7. oh. my. goodness. gracious.
    Jesuschick, I need to apologize. So I haven't been over here in so long, and it's because I never saw you come up on my reading list, which is how I do things these days. And THEN I realized-- I'M NOT FOLLOWING YOUR BLOG???? WHAT??? I totally and completely thought I took care of that a long time ago, but apparently not. Such a sad case for one of my most loyal commenters. I'm going to do it right now, please forgive me.

    -a very sincerely sorry Lou

  8. Thanks y'all! You are all way too sweet :))

    Lou: Don't sweat it! Blogger has been deleting blogs from my blog list as well, its very irritating. I'm just thrilled to have you back :))


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