Monday, February 20, 2012

Smile a Little Monday {week 6}

You know the person who wrote these labels on the companies' products got paid big bucks for these ;)

On Sears hairdryer:
Do not use while sleeping.
(Gee, that's the only time I have to work on my hair!)

On a bag of Fritos:
You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside.
(The shoplifter special!)

On a bar of Dial soap:
Directions: Use like regular soap.
(and that would be how?)

On some Swann frozen dinners:
Serving suggestion: Defrost.
(But it's just a suggestion!)

On Tesco's Tiramisu dessert: (printed on bottom of the box)
Do not turn upside down.
(Mwahaha! You lose!)
On packaging for a Rowenta iron:
Do not iron clothes on body.
(But wouldn't that save more time?)

On Boot's Children's cough medicine:
Do not drive car or operate machinery.
(We could do a lot to reduce the construction accidents if we just kept those 5 year olds off those fork lifts.)

On Nytol sleep aid:
Warning: may cause drowsiness.
(One can only hope!)

On a Korean kitchen knife:
Warning: keep out of children.
(hmm..something must have gotten lost in the translation...)

On a string of Christmas lights:
For indoor or outdoor use only.
(As opposed to use in outer space.)

On a food processor:
Not to be used for the other use.
(Now I'm curious.)

On Sainsbury's peanuts:
Warning: contains nuts.
(No way! Really?)

On an American Airlines packet of nuts:
Instructions: open packet, eat nuts.
(Wow. That

On a Swedish chainsaw:
Do not attempt to stop chain with your hands.
(Thank you for telling me this. You have just saved me a lot of pain.)

On a child's Superman costume:
Wearing of this garment does not enable you to fly.
(Oh go ahead! That's right, destroy a universal childhood belief.)

Liquid Plummer
Warning: Do not reuse the bottle to store beverages.
(This is important stuff, you better listen)

Toilet Plunger
Caution: Do not use near power lines.
(What will happen if I do? Do I even want to know?)

~Peace, love, Sweetheart(Haymitch, you crack me up)~


  1. Oh, wow, I laughed through all of them! So funny!!!

  2. Bahahaha! That's the best! :) I think my favorite is the "keep out of children" and the Frito one :)

  3. this is my favorite post of the day. seriously, who comes up with these? i'm cracking UP. great job, 'sweetheart.' ;D

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  4. LOL!!!! I love the liquid plummer one. That's hilarious. :):)

  5. Oh my word, these are amazing. Especially the Tiramisu dessert one. Thanks for brightening my day.

  6. Oh my gosh...that was hilarious! :) I laughed out loud and my family just looked at me funny. :D I love these posts!

    God bless you!
    Joy :D


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