Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Reflection

Leap day has always been a day for me to reflect where I was four years ago, and where I am now. To realize just how much I have grown, changed, matured, and developed over a period of time.
 I remember my last leap year. My family spent the day with this awesome girl's family. We visited the local springs, marveling at God's hand on the scenery and nature. The surprise guests being some wild manatees who drifted aimlessly up the spring, munching on the water's vegetation. I was hyper with the anticipation of turning twelve just the next month. To me, it was a huge deal.
Four years later, I've added a couple inches to my height, I have lost but gained so many friends, and now I'm dreading the arrival of my birthday. Its such a frightening experience to grow older, to finally have the realization hit you that you won't be this young forever. In...*checks calendar* twenty-two days my birthday will be here and I will add another year onto the amount of time I have been alive. Its still a shock to me. I am really going to be sixteen? Wow.
I cannot believe how much I have learned in four years. In some ways, I am still that little girl I was, but in many ways, I am different: I grew my bangs out, I wear make-up, I get more intense crushes, my room is no longer flower-adorned and I want, even more than before, to have His light shine through my life.
One day, one day, I will travel here :)
In what ways have you changed during these four years?

~Peace, love,  Headphones by Britt Nicole~


  1. Last leap year, I was 14. I was... going through rough stuff, but also, it's the best of my teen years when I look back =) I know -- growing up became scary for me around 14. You realize that you will soon not be a kid. More importantly, you'll be a grown-up. Scary.

    You're gonna be 16?? Woot-woot. Party ;) What are you gonna do to celebrate?

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  2. Last leap year I was eleven and was just stepping into a life with Christ! Woaahh! That's crazy to think about...

  3. last leap year I was 10 but I lot of sad stuff had happened just before and through these four years - but they still have been awesome years! : )

    love the photos!


  4. It is quite a shock, isn't it? Well, I pray that God will be with you all through your life. :)

  5. I'm also turning 16 this year - only in November.. :) Happy birthday in advance :) It's amazing to feel like your growing up and knowing more about what you want in life... mostly :P


  6. If you will be 16, then, all I have to say is "Happy Sweet Sixteen!"


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