Sunday, March 11, 2012

Le smile {1-11}

Things that make me smile:

1.  Happy songs

2. Laughing so hard you cry

3. This picture:

4. Rain against my window at night

5. Scotty McCreery
Am I cheating on Josh by posting this??
6. Funky socks

7. This picture:
Okay, never mind, its all better now :))
8. Little kids contagious laughter

9. Fingernails painted like strawberries (Oh yeah!)

10. This new blog design (I love you, Soph!!!! Yeaahhh...doing it on my own kind of failed. Blah.)

11. Awards by sweet friends:  

I was nominated for an award by the sweet Maddy Beth over at her blog The Dream Catcher

The Rules

1.Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to the site. (THANK YOUUUUUU! :D )
2.Copy and paste the Liebster Award logo to your blog.
3.Choose five more up-and-coming bloggers who you feel deserve the award and hope that they will accept and nominate in turn five more

This award goes to people with under 200 followers, here are my picks! (Believe me, it took me forever to narrow it down to 5 people. I have so many favorite blogs! Why can I only choose 5?!)
  1. Mary
  2. Rachel
  3.  Clara
  4. Tangerine Tane 
  5. Kathryn
This award was given to me by the amazing Tangerine Tane over at Fifth out of Ten

Here's the rules for the people who have been awarded:

1. Post these rules.
2. Award 4 other people.
3. Tell them in a comment on their blog that you have awarded them.
4. Put the Absolutely Delicious Blog Award on your sidebar to tell everyone you've been awarded!

Picking only a couple bloggers is killing me. Just to let you know
 1. Jessica
3. Bree
4. Trinka

Have a happy Sunday, y'all! :)

~Peace, love, hermit crabs~
Forever and Always a JesusChick♥


  1. Thanks, buddy!! Phew... I need something to post about today ;)


  2. My mouth went like this when I saw a pic of Scotty Mchotty: :-0

    Because....Scotty is MINE!!!:P So back off!! (lol jk...lets just say scotty and i belong together...true we have never met...)

    Cute picture of the bib.:) And Scotty, of course, looked amazing. As usual.

  3. Thanks you! This helps a LOT with my scheduling posts!(:

  4. OH! Annd I don't care if you use those pictures! I found 'em on pinterest, and I think they are some of the awesome-est pictures ever! Haha(:

  5. Thanks for awarding me! :) {your comment on my blog made me laugh!}

  6. thank you soooooooooo much JesusChick!!! I really appreciate you awarding me!

  7. No problem, girls! :))

    Brooke: PAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my word I'm crying from laughing so hard! How about this, we can SHARE Scotty?? ;)

  8. Jesus Chick, I just don't know. I mean, he was mine from the begininning. All of him. His blue eyes. His voice that makes me melt like a popsicle on the Fourth of July...I will just have to think about it.;]

  9. P.S. Besides you're cheating pn Josh.;) Oh and Scotty is way hotter.

  10. Brooke: Gah, you just named every single thing I love about him :)) I agree completely! If Josh was actually blonde like he was in the Hunegr Games, then I'd let you have Scotty! I'm a sucker for blonde guys ;) Maybe we could could split him or something, like you have his looks, I'll take his voice ;D

  11. Jesus Chick: Wow! Awesomeness must be contagious.;] Well, well, *sniff* alright...I-I guess it m-m-might be ok-kay...*sob*...alright, alright! Deal!:D

    Do you like country singers? I love country! My other country singer crushes are Luke Bryan, Josh Turner, and Blake Shelton. Luke because of his voice. Blake more because of his voice. Josh, oh well Josh is my special one.;) I love everything about him! But Scotty is my top dog....he is just so single.:D I am joking! I am joking! Sorry I keep on commenting and rambling.:/

    Keep growing in Christ! ♥

  12. Brooke: PAHAHA! I think you might be my long lost twin or something, because you sound exactly like me! ;D All of those choices are just fabulous, might I just say ;)) Yeah, I'm a country girl, I LOVE country music, and their singers hehe

  13. Scotty McCreery! LOve him to death.


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