Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blog Party

Okay so my really good friend Sophie is having a blog party. We are supposed to name some of the blogs that we love that by people whom we don't actually know...

I decided to post and to link some of the "less popular" blogs, the ones who don't have 400 followers and a bizillion comments on every post. I seriously think one day they'll be as big as all the others. They are literally that awesome :) I love these guys (girls...sorry y'all)

Here are some peoples who I think are just fabulous :)

LizzieJaneC over at A Wall To Tell My Secrets To

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Cindi over at Cotton Candy Clouds

Jessica over at Cubette's Corner

Cubette's Corner

Sierra over at Keep Growing Beautiful

And for the button-less people who are still just as awesome:

Hannah over at HaPPilY HAnNah

And Lou, over at Skip to my Lou

Thanks again for hosting this blog party, Sophie! :))

~Peace, love, cheese graters because those things are awesome~

P.S. Any one of my followers could with designing buttons? I'm seriously looking into getting one but I'm not sure how to make them :/


  1. hey, thanks!! (btw just hit 100 followers!!! XD)

  2. awww only just saww this! thankyouu soo much, you are sooooooo lovely! :D thanks! xx

  3. Aww thank you! I am so sorry for not commenting! There are a bunch of blogs whose updates are not coming into my dashboard. And it is soooo annoying. So I'll try to make up for it :) Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)


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