Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Interview with Rachel :)

Hello my dears! :)

Since my friend Rachel was sweet enough to interview me, I interviewed her in return :)

What color would best describe your personality, and why? Pink and Aqua. They're really bouncy colors and I'm get bouncy sometimes.

What is the biggest thing in your life that you are looking forward to right now? At Christmas when I am going to give out teddy bears to old folks in nursing homes and making Christmas presents and cards. I like Christmas!

What career do you hope to go into? I want to be a business lady, the person who walks through the halls with files with high heels clacking and a business attire on. Like in an office. I'd also like to be a mom. What ever God has for me.

How long have you had your blog? 1 year!

One thing that people do that drives you absolutely bonkers? People not being on time when they say a certain time...I hate that!

What would you say if your best quality? My best quality...? Well I'm not sure.

Have any role models? I look up to my family.

If you could have a tea party, who would be one person that you would most definitely invite (can be anyone, living or dead)? well...I'd invite my friend Mikey. (that's hard because I'd invite lots of people!)

Do you have any favorite quotes at the moment? ''That is the future, this is the present, lets take today as a gift."

Words to leave us with? Go where God is directing you and He'll put cool opportunities in your path and cool people, and when its time, he'll guide Prince Charming in your path....STAND OUT, DON'T FIT IN.

You can go check out this awesome girl and see her interview of me over yonder this way

Thank you again so much, Rachel! :)

~Peace, love, and the letter q~

P.S. This was totally fun, I'd love to do more interviews another time! Anyone willing to be interviewed?


  1. sweeto! thanks fur interviewing me!

  2. No problem, Rachel! Thank YOU for allowing me the privilege to do so! :)

  3. you sound like a cool gal, rachel!

  4. This is such a cute idea! Seriously! :))

  5. I can interview you all if you want?

  6. I would LOVE to be interviewed here on this blog too!
    If you need to email me the questions my email is: ouattheblog@gmail.com
    Thanks!!! Soo glad you liked my blog too!


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