Friday, November 4, 2011

Caption Contest :D

I'm entering Rebekah Brielle's caption contest! :))

Here are my captions:

Man: See, Taylor? This is how you milk a cow!
Taylor: Quit touching my hair!

William Mosely: Georgie, happy face.
Georgie Henley: They took away my iPod to take this photo!
Ben Barnes: Just keep smiling, William, just keep smiling. Maybe no one will notice her..

Anna Sophia Robb: See that? On the TV? That's the Food Network.
Dog: Whoa those burgers look amazing.

Carrie: Whew I really should bring a breath mint when I come to these award shows...wait a sec are you taking a picture?

Anna: What is that horid noise?!

William: kind of sounds like a little girl *tries to hold back laugh*

Georgie: Oh. My. Gosh. Its JUSTIN BIEBER! (hence the disgusted face)

Ok, I think I'm done now :)

Thanks again for hosting this contest, Rebekah! Good luck to everyone who enters! Click here

~Peace, love and Spiderman(♥)~


  1. Thanks for linking up!
    Haha, these are so funny :)

  2. that was so FUNNY! i love the last one... ba-hahahah!XD

  3. Rebekah: Alright thanks again for the contest!

    Jessica: Lol thank youuuu!!! :)

  4. Hahahahaahahahaha! I loved the last one! :D I just found your blog, and, since I LOVE it, I'm following you! :)

  5. Trinka: Aww thank you!!! :)) It really means a lot! :)

  6. L.O.L!!!!! That last one... HILARIOUS!!! Me and my friends always joke about Justin Beiber- this was definitely the funniest caption I've seen!!!!! :):)

  7. Mary: Aww thank you!! It really means a lot :)

  8. These are very funny. Some of the funniest that I have seen that are entering the contest. :) I especially liked the first and last one! haha. Milk a cow... Nice. :D


  9. Thanks for your follow! I have to say that that second is great! As is the fourth...and third :) You are just funny :) Newest follower waving goodbye for now ;)

    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  10. Hannah: Its the first thing that came ot my mind when I saw the picture :P

    Sierra: Thanks for the follow also! :) So glad you like my blog! Coming from you who writes your gorgeous blog Keep Growing Beautiful that means a lot :)

  11. I'm grateful for your follow! I means a lot. Thank you!

    Your blog is just awesome! :D

    Hahhaha! Great funny captions, dear!

  12. You like spider man i like batman. $)

  13. Vincent: Well I've never seen batman but I HAVE seen spiderman

  14. ahh these are cool! made me chuckle :D wish i was as creative as this! unfortunately im not very good with caption competitions!

  15. LizzieJaneC: I'm sure you could if you tried! Its a lot of fun, I hope you give it a shot anyways! :)

  16. Haha, enjoyed reading your captions for the pictures! Nice ones! :) Good luck in the contest!

  17. You have got a knack for making captions! Love them all! They're hilarious.

    By the way, you have a lovely blog. I like how you end your posts with "Peace, love, and..."

    Jemimah C.

  18. Jemimah C: Why thank you!

    Its kind of my randomness coming through the computer screen and into my posts ;)

  19. love these!! haha
    thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog and guest post...and for following!(:

  20. i have a feeling i'm really gonna love reading your blog... i can't stop laughing!!

  21. Oriana: No problem! :)

    lowercase letters: Hahaha thank you! I'm always happy when I can make someone else laugh :)


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