Monday, November 28, 2011

My Weekend

Ok, so this is how my Thanksgiving weekend went:


We had Thanksgiving dinner over at my Grandpa's house. I helped cook so I didn't get to take that many pictures.

I made the mashed potatoes :P

It was a day filled with laughs, good food, and football, what more could you want?

I did school, read books, hung out with my sisters and mom, and played outside. Overall, it was a nice day. The weather was perfect, so my two youngest sisters and I got this brilliant idea: We would go play in the leaves. Well, leaves don't fall where I live. Its not cold enough. So, for an hour and a half, we stole branches off our giant oak tree, pulled the leaves off, and put them all on our trampoline. By the time we were tired, it was dark and we had to head inside, making a pact that we would finish our quest the next day.

My camera was getting antsy, so I took it outside to have a breath of fresh air. I also took some pictures, of course :)

For some reason, I adore this above picture. Maybe because it gives me the feeling I looking into another world, I don't know :P

Ok, see that black smudge about in the middle of the picture? That's an acorn. I was trying to get a picture of it, but my camera decided to focus on the leaves in the background instead. Oh well, I think it gave it a cool effect :)

While I was taking pictures, my sisters pulled more leaves and put them on the trampoline.

I had them jump and bounce the leaves around while I took photos. The effect? Hilarious. I kept cracking up laughing at their faces as they jumped.

Don't ask, I just thought it'd be a cool picture to capture her feet :P

I wanted the "falling leaves" kind of feel, so I had they throw the leaves up while I laid with my back down in the trampoline to take pictures.

I think this one is my fave :) I totally did not mean to get her in the corner, but I do indeed love it.

After pulling all the stray leaves from our hair, mom informed us that we were going to spend the night at our grandpa's. We hurriedly packed our bags, hopped in the van, and drove. We stayed up late, made cookies, and watched movies. In a word? We all had a blast :)


We awoke to the smell of pancakes. The delicious aroma began to float throughout the house, filling it with sighs of happiness. What could be a better start to your day?

At 9:53am, dad came by to pick us up, and we headed to church. Afterwards, we stopped by the store, to check out some deals. And of course, when I saw this:

I just had to purchase it :) It was on sale, so it was even better!

And you know, of course, that cocoa in a penguin mug tastes better than cocoa in a regular one. Its pure logic, people ;)

Oh and one of my younger sisters, wants to inform you that I wasn't the only one who received a good deal. She found a little china tea set and when she brought it up to the register, she found that it only cost her a penny :) To say the least, she was estactic. Her and her twin love playing dress up and host tea parties.

After our shopping, we headed home and relaxed. But only for a while. Then it was time to pull out all of our Christmas boxes, and get to decorating! My favorite part of Christmas :) We put up the tree, strung the lights, placed on all of our favorite ornaments and when we turned off the lights, the effect was breathtaking.

Long story short, this weekend was awesome. I couldn't ask for anything better :)

~Peace, love and the creepy Santas in the mall that make kids cry~

P.S. NONE of my pictures are edited. I have never edited them, and I won't start now. They always stay the exact way I took them.

P.P.S. I am in need of a name for my photography. I'm thinking Live Life Barefoot Photography, what do you guys think? Poll on the sidebar!


  1. Looks like you had fun :D

    LOVE the leaf pic btw!!!

    I was thinking you could name it whatever you wanted. But I thought that "Keep the Faith Photography" sounded like you :)

  2. Sophie: That's actually a good name! I'll definitely keep it in mind :)

  3. Awww....It sounds like you had an amazing week! :)) I am in love with picture of throwing leaves. Oh, and I want the mug. Buy me one, and send it to me? Please? Thank you! :)) Haha


  4. yeah, i likeeither of those names, but living life barefoot sounds really good! and btw, pure logic states that hot cocoa out of a puppy mug tastes way better than out of a penguin mug :P

  5. Cindi: On my way to do so! :D Actually, what would be even better is if I met you and then I could give one to you in person ;)

    Jessica: Aww thank you! No way, I totally resent that! ;D

  6. Please visit my blog! I am trying to get some followers!!


  7. cool pictures! looked like you had fun.

    oh ya, for a moment I thought you were bouncing on the road...



  8. Rachel: Nope, we actually have a dirt road so that wouldn't of worked ;P

  9. Did you say you foot ball the cowboys beet the Dolphins 20 to 19 it was so Awesome $)

  10. Vincent: Yes, yes I did say football. I was watching that game :) It was such a bummer to see the Dolphins so close and then lose by just one stinkin' point. Oh well, it was a very thrilling game all the same :))


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