Thursday, November 3, 2011

For all of us...HOMESCHOOLERS.

My best friend sent this to me this morning. I thought it was hilarious because its scary how many of these things are true :)

What applies to you, my fellow homeschoolers?

~Peace, love, and snowmen with bow ties~


  1. okay, that was just awesome/funny/cool!! My mom and i are rotfl! and by the way, i agree -- homework after lunchtime just isn't right. /:| mm-mm.

  2. I'm glad your mom and you had a good laugh! I will admit, I burst out laughing SEVERAL times watching this video!
    We need to go on strike about the school work after lunch. We could make picket signs and everything! XD hehehe

  3. Haha, some of that stuff is so true! One of my favorite past times IS watching public school kids walk home from the bus stop. Yes, I'm slightly creepy. :)


  4. Dude, I laughed so hard! Love this video, I'll have to show it to my parents when they get home, oh and totally agree on the strike!

  5. tinyheart: No its not creepy at all! I do it also *cheesy smile*

    Grace: WHOO! We'll fix this problem! :P

  6. I love the 'I always remember my locker combination. My friends all agree that homeschooling is awesome (even the ones that don't homeschool). Awesome video!
    PS Hi, I'm a newer folower.

  7. *sighs* Sometimes I really wish I was home schooled, my homeschooled friends will be telling a story and they'll say "So we finished class around 9:00" Then I'll freak out, *Le Sigh* six hours of school really doesn't work for me. :(

    {P.S. You can totally use that nerd quirk pic on my blog, I didn't make it. :)}

  8. Maura: Six hours of school doesn't work for me either. I normally try to finish all my school by 2pm and then I've got the rest of the day free to do whatever I want :)
    P.S. Awesome! Thank youuuuu! I want to put it on my sidebar hehe

  9. Bahahahahahaha!This was soooooo funny, because it was so true! Welll, not ALL of it for me, because I actually use a free public school curriculum, and my mom would never be caught dead in a denim jumper ;) That video was the best!

  10. Trinka: Yeah same thing here with my mom ;)

  11. LOL!!! I love it!! It's so true. That's right: Public-schooled is such an insult!! Me and my friends decided that we are no longer homeschoolers that the general public thinks of as "uneducated", so we are now "homescholars". :):) Just found your blog and love it completely!

  12. Mary: Hahaha I totally agree! (About the "public school" thing lol ;) ) Aww thank youuuu! :) It means so much to me when people say they like my blog :)


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