Monday, October 31, 2011


Another delicious-ly yummy post for all of you guys....just because this holiday has the most candy ever ♥

Candy. Apples.
(One of the most scrumptious ways to eat an apple)

Pre-candied apples

So red...

...and juicy...

...and mouth-watering.

And of course, every apple-candy-ing operation needs a supervisor

This is ours.

His name is Max (or Fluffy [see all the fur?] whatever name floats your boat is cool with me ;) ).

And this ^ is his happy face.

Oh yes. Such a happy cat he is.

~Peace, love, Tim Tebow and dictionaries~

P.S. Pictures of Max are my sister's, all other pictures are mine :)


  1. YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I NEED me some candy apples! LOL

    Happy Halloween!

    You rock!

    What r u being for halloween?


  2. Mackenzie: I know right?? They were EXTREMELY good!

    The same to you! :)

    Pahaha thank you!!! You are too sweet

    I don't dress up for Halloween anymore since my family decided not to trick-or-treat anymore. If I did though, I'd be a hobo to mess with my one friend ;) I'd be a hobo named Chuck teehee :P

  3. They look soo yummy!!

    p.s. loving the "supervisor" hes soo cute :D

  4. that is so timely you'd do a post for candy apples! I just had my first one yesterday after years of drewling over them!


  5. LizzieJaneC: He is SUCH a fluffball :) He's a sweetheart and really is a happy cat, he just wasn't very happy about having a camera in his face ;)

    Rachel: Really? I'm glad you were finally able to try them! they are extremely delicious :)

  6. i've never had a candied apple. they look really good! and i love your cat's "happy face." cats are never happy -.-

  7. YUM!
    I saw your post about your followers(:
    God bless you, sweet girl!

  8. Cubette: You MUST try one! They are simply devine :) Beware of the candy sticking to your teeth though...these things are only safe to eat in your own house where you won't have to worry about the weird faces you make as you try to get the candy off of you ;)

    Jazzie: Aww thank you so much! You are way too kind :)

  9. Oh my goodness! I love candied apples. I think that I like caramel apples more though.... hmmm... food for thought. haha. I really want to make some now!


  10. oh ya, be sure and post you were interviewed on my blog.


  11. Rachel: I was going to say that as soon as I had posted your interview :) I plan on doing it today or tomorrow at the latest

  12. n'aww bless him! i have 2 rabbits that are very soft and fluffy! and dyou know what? i've never actually tried candy apples before!!!!


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