Friday, December 2, 2011

Life of late (and La Creativite Photo Contest)

Goodness I love this time of year. The bright lights, the brisk air, the fuzzy socks. Its all so lovely.

Well yesterday, my sisters, my mom and I went ATVing for the last time this year with our favorite 4-H person ever. We rode around, all dressed in jeans, long sleeved shirts, gloves, and helmets of course, and absolutely had a blast. Something about the way the cool air whips at your face just sends me into an ecstatic bliss.

But, of course, being the dork that I am, I just had to hurt myself. We had this small-ish hill that we liked to jump over. I lost my concentration, the handle bars moved while I was in the air, and when I landed, my right hand was bent between the bar and the hand brake. It now hurts like crazy. My dad, aka the physical therapist, says that I sprained it. Our conversations for the past couple of hours have been:

*Me* So wait, I sprained it?

*Dad* Yes

*Me* Does that mean I get to wear one of those funky-hand-thingies?

*Dad* You mean a brace?

So yeah, that's been my life of late.

Oh and I'm going to enter this:

In a photo contest over yonder this way

Sorry for such the short post but there are things to be done today (like dishes. Bleh. )

~Peace, love and composition notebooks(so spiffy)~


  1. Guuuuuurl, you adventurousness thing! Hope your hand gets better soon! :( Those notebooks are awesome :D

  2. I hope your wrist feels better soon! that sounds fun... all except for the getting hurt part. :)

  3. Sophie: Hahaha! I'm not *that* adventurousness ;)

    Lou: Yeah it was a total blast...all up until that. Oh well, my dad says I'll live :P

  4. I am so so so so sorry! The ATV part sounded fun! :))

  5. you have to do dishes with a sprained wrist?? how cruel! glad you had fun, though ;)

  6. Ges what my sister got a new camara and that means i mite get her old won so ecsited $)

    o and i now what you mean about the dishes because thats my job at my hous

  7. Jessica: Nah its alright, it only hurts badly when I'm really scrubbing something. I ended up getting my sister to help me out thankfully :)

    Vincent: Congrats!!! :)) Not about the dishes, the camera lol ;)

  8. I hope your hand will feel better soon!

    the first paragragh really got me in the season!


  9. Sorry to hear about your sprained hand. Hope it heals and gets better soon! And awesome photo! I really like it! :) Also, regarding your poll, I really like that name, it's just that the word 'barefoot' is used a lot, or at least I've seen it in a lot of blog names and stuff. Whatever you decide I'm sure will be great! :) As long as you like it!

  10. Rachel: Thank you! I do hope it gets better soon

    Shelley: I honestly don't pay much attention to many of the photography blogs so I wouldn't of known. Thank you for telling me! I appreciate it :) I've been brainstorming other ideas with a friend so hopefully we can come up with something

  11. Your poor hand :( I hope it gets better real soon. Cool picture :) I fractured my wrist..or my thumb on one of those...without a net :P And I agree...dishes are totally bleh. Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)


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