Saturday, December 24, 2011

Family Traditions

Oh my gosh I'm so excited! Today's Christmas EVE! Tomorrow is the day we've all been anticipating!

I love hearing about Christmas traditions, I thought I'd share some of mine with you and then I want to hear some of yours.

We get to open one present tonight, as goes one of my favorite family traditions, then we open all the rest on Christmas morning. My sisters and I wait in the kitchen, staring at the oven clock, because my parents say we can't wake them until 7:30am. As soon as it clicks from :29 to :30, we are off, shooting towards my parents' bedroom, jumping on the bed exclaiming that they need to wake up, as if the presents are going to get up and walk themselves out the front door if they don't hurry and get out of bed. We then all dash into the living room, sit down in front of the tree, and go around in a circle, opening all our presents one by one. We have never been allowed to just "rip" into them, because my parents enjoy seeing our reactions to the gifts they painstakingly picked out for us.

My other favorite Christmas tradition, is making cookies for our family and friends. We actually did that yesterday. I made the HORRIBLE mistake of wearing black sweatpants while rolling our sugar cookie dough. Of course, when you roll out sugar cookie dough, you have to put flour on the rolling pin. Let's just say I looked like it had snowed in my house. It was crazy. We used cookie cutters and made a bunch of sugar cookies, and then made regular double chocolate chunk, oatmeal chip, peanut butter, and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. The peanut butter and peanut butter chocolate chip were from this gluten-free recipe we found since we discovered recently that my momma is sensitive to gluten.

We also made tacos :)

These two pictures, above and below, are dedicated to my bestie, M. I wish I could send you these taco cookies but sadly, I eated them :((

Ok see the cookie above and below? We named him Barfalito. Don't ask why we decided he was Italian.. My genius sister rolled the cookie dough in sprinkles, turning the dough this lovely shade of puke green. Thus born, Barfalito. Let's just say my sisters and I are insane at times ;)

Anyways, now that I've bombarded you with a bunch of pictures, what are some Christmas traditions that your family does?

~Peace, love, raindrops~


  1. yummy cookies!
    and I can imagine the flour mess..hehe.
    our tradition is we wait until we have breakfast and then open the presents on Christmas day
    on christmas eve we go to a candlelight service and after that we sit around and maybe open one present.


  2. I love this post! one of my familites traditions is to read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.Those cookies look very good and I love the taco one!

  3. I LOVE christmas!!! Those cookies that you mde look UH-mazing! I made some for christmas too!! Which reminds me... I need to post about Christmas Eve and Day still... haha I'm so behind!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!



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