Sunday, December 4, 2011

New design

So last night, my dad had his Christmas work party at his boss' house. No pictures, sadly because I was busy having fun :) All the adults were calling me the "Baby Whisperer" because I had almost all the little kids trailing me during the entire party. Don't get me wrong, I was loving every moment. I absolutely adore little kids :)

By the way, you guys have probably noticed something different by are you guys liking the new design and layout? The sweet Miss Jocee from Cupcake Dictionary gets all the credit ♥ I normally like more colorful blogs, but I actually enjoy the white. It reminds me of snow, perfect for the winter season

~Peace, love, ingredients for homemade chocolate chip cookies~

P.S. Countdown to Christmas: 21 days *does a "3 weeks to go happy dance"*


  1. Love it, JesusChick! You are seriously awesome, just wanted to let you know that.


  2. Maura: Aww thank you! That means a lot, girlie :)

  3. i love that design♥ just... just awesomeness. two thumbs up ;D

  4. beautiful. i LOVE it girl!
    hooray for christmas in 21 days! i just wrote that on our kitchen chalkboard a few hours ago too. :)
    thanks for your comment on the t-shirt drawer! i'm happy you stopped by and enjoyed the post. :)

  5. Jessica: Thank yah thank yah :P

    lowercase letters: No problem! That was an amazing post, I'm serious :)

  6. I really like the new design. It is as they say... "less is more." :)


  7. may I still this design?
    pretty please?(:
    wish I was tech-y enough to design stuff like this(:

  8. Jazzie: Jocee from Cupcake Dictionary created the design for me so I'm not sure whether I have the authority to let other people use it. Maybe you could ask her? :)


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