Thursday, December 15, 2011

Perfect Gift Idea

We've all got that one person. The person we've been through thick-and-thin with. And you have no idea what to get them for Christmas to show that you really care about them. Well I have the perfect idea, something to hold their cell phone when not in use!

How about one of these bad boys?

Its a moose. Basically its awesome because of that.

Okay I think I'm done :)

~Peace, love, hot chocolate with extra marshmallows~


  1. Those are so cool! That pug is sweet, the bathtub is original, the angel wings are pretty, and those last ones? Made me giggle :)

  2. loving the wings♥ although the bathtub one made me laugh XD

  3. Haha! I like the iStuck and the Plunger!!! I saw the stuck thingy at a store once. The plunger would be perfect for my brother. =)

  4. Hahahaha! Love that idea! :) xxx

  5. those are so cool :)


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