Saturday, December 10, 2011

To leave you with...

Last night was the opening night for a local church's Walk to Bethlehem. Being one of the only girls around the right age, I played Mary. It was a blast, like always, so I am happy :) I will be volunteering for as many nights as I can (or how many times my momma wants to drive the family over there). Either way, I'm spreading the gospel and I get volunteer hours for high school credit. Double bonus! (Although, of course, the first reason is better in the long run)

Well, I'm off to spend the night at my grandpa's house, but I just wanted to leave y'all with this:

Did you guys think I'd leave you with something serious to think about?? You have much to learn, young grasshoppers.

~Peace, love and spaghetti o's~


  1. haha, love that quote. have fun at your grandma's!

  2. That quote is so true! Haha, at least you got an honorable part in the play. The last one I was in-I was the donkey in the stable. But I guess that was better than my cousin and another friend, who got a pig and cow! XD

  3. hehe, I love that quote.


  4. Breanne: Hey, donkeys are cool, man ;) My neighbors all around me have some (I live in the country haha). The only problem I have with them is they are LOOOOOUD and decide to bray just anytime the want to, whether its day or night

  5. I know what you mean-I'm in the country too, and my neighbor has a mule (mule-donkey...same thing ;P). Golly do they ever get ridiculous!

  6. Breanne: I agree completely! That's when I start going at them with duct-tape in my and and a wild look in my eyes ;D jkjkjk teehee


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